Can Buyers Agent REALLY represent both buyer and seller?

two faced letters


Legally allowed in FLORIDA REAL ESTATE.  But is it really moral and ethical?…or even possible?  In my book, it should never be allowed….ever. This is a major conflict of interest. and the best reason why every home buyer needs their own Buyers Agent. 


If representing two parties with opposing interests were really possible, there would be ONLY ONE ATTORNEY IN A COURTROOM…they could prosecute and defend all at the same time…just like in real estate.  


Just think…one attorney could tell both sides just want they want to hear….and even get paid double for having both sides of the business along with a conflict of interest.   


Lets not dance around the issue and pretend that representing two parties with opposite interests works, because it does not…                                                                                                                               


  • The seller wants the highest price and to repair nothing. Buyer wants the lowest price and wants everything fixed. (Buyer needs their own Buyers Agent).


  • Buyer needs the seller to pay closing costs and seller wants to net more money. (Buyer needs their own Buyers Agent)


  • Buyer does inspections and believes the roof needs replacing.  Seller never noticed the leak so thinks that the buyer is nuts. (Buyer needs their own Buyers Agent)


  • Buyer finds a broken window on the walk through on the day of closing.  Seller says they bought the house “as is” and that’s just too bad. Buyer says they did not sign a contract for a house with a broken window. (Buyer needs their own Buyers Agent)


Here is classic example of the conflict of interest:  Seller decides to take the stainless refrigerator and replaces it with an older one that was in the garage…at the walk-through prior to closing, buyer does not notice, but the agent does notice…does the agent say anything? or do they just pretend not to notice in order to keep peace?


What does a double agent do????? Or better yet, what does the buyer do when they do not have a Buyers Agent to advocate for their position??


Sure a Florida Transaction Broker can be a referee, or a middle man, or a facilitator,  but they cannot advocate, give advice or take sides.  So what good are they?  Buyers and sellers have differences of opinions in every real estate transaction, which is why smart home buyers have their own buyers agent to advise, advocate, and protect them.


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