Cash for Orlando Homes

Cash for Orlando HomesCash for Orlando Homes is a good thing…but is CASH really the king?


Last year cash for Orlando Homes was up…56% of all home sales in Orlando were paid for with cash. Cash for Orlando homes went  up from 31% a couple of years ago.  This does not include investor sales, which would probably drive the percentage of cash for Orlando Homes up even higher.


The 56% of cash for Orlando homes were beat out by 60% cash sales in Osceola County. Osceola county is where most of the short term rental properties are and they are owned in great part by out of the country owners. Seminole County had the lowest rate of cash sales at 48%.


Does cash for Orlando Homes mean a huge discount?


Many times our buyer clients mistakenly believe that just because they are paying cash, the home will be deeply discounted. Not so. Sure, paying cash for Orlando Homes  is always good for the seller, but due to a strong real estate  market and multiple offers, the discount for cash  is almost non-existent.


Sure, cash will talk over a financed offer but only if the terms of the offer are equal.  If the cash offer is less, more than likely the seller will lean toward the financed offer, where the net money to seller will be greater.


Cash for Orlando Homes is good for the seller, but it is not good for home buyers that need to finance.  Appraisals in Central Florida  can be a challenge and many buyers will bid up over the asking price in their quest to acquire the property.   Financed buyer have to stay within their budget so cash sales make closing the transaction easier.


As the Orlando Home market recovers, I expect to see more buyers get back in to the Central Florida Real Estate Market.  Cash for Orlando Homes will increase. Search for Orlando Homes.


To learn more about Orlando Homes or your best home buying options, call the Buyer Agents that know…Buyers Broker of Florida 407-539-1053.

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