Do not call the listing agent

do not call the listing agentListing agents work for the seller, not the buyer

The listing agent does not and cannot work for you, the buyer.


Do not call the listing agent, as they are working against your best interests. You want to pay less and save money. The listing agents job is to sell the property for the highest price and most favorable terms for the seller.


Helping you is not their job. So do not call the listing agent.


Representing the seller is what listing agents are legally obligated to do. Regardless, of how they spin or twist the story.


There is “0” advantage to working through the listing agent. Do not call the listing agent.

Do not call the listing agent


Only an uninformed buyer thinks they will do better working with the listing agent. Smart home buyers do not call the listing agent.


A smart homebuyer knows that the listing agent is bound to the seller and therefore will hire their own Buyers Agent. Without someone to guide them, the buyer may be asked to pay for extra’s because they have NO ONE TO NEGOTIATE FOR THEM or tell them what is reasonable.


A buyer working through the listing agent is completely on their own. The listing agent is not even allowed to give buyer advice. Buyers without their own agent pay more and do not receive the best terms.


The listing agent will not reduce their commission


That is SOOOO TRUE. Buyers who think there is an advantage to using the sellers agent are dreaming. The listing agent will not cut their fee, so that you can pay less. Instead they will simply keep all of the commission instead of sharing it with a buyers agent. Understand this: the commission is split between the listing agent and the buyers agent. If there is no buyers agent, the listing agent gets to keep both sides.


A listing agent will also NOT pay for the buyers closing costs. They will also not rebate any money back to the buyer. In essence, the home buyer is just cheating themselves.


More facts that the listing agent can’t tell you…


  • What is a fair price? The listing agent can’t tell you, but your buyers agent will.


  • Can you use your own title agent? Listing agent will make you use their preferred person.


  • What will you inspect? Listing agent cannot advise you and will not want a picky inspector.


  • Deficiencies on the inspection report? The listing agent will talk you into accepting the problems.


  • Renegotiate the contract? Not a chance because you don’t know what to ask for.


  • Do a walk thru prior to closing on your behalf? Sorry, you are on your own.


  • Who will handle the typical problems that come up for the buyer? Absolutely no one.


Using the sellers/listing agent is detrimental to your finances. Be smart and do not call the listing agent. Hire your own buyers agent. 407-539-1053. You will be glad you did. Check out our 5-star reviews.



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