Is a Bigger Home always better?

Is the bigger home always the best to buy?   bigger home


Most home buyers think that they need more space.


One of the biggest complaints we hear is that the bedrooms are not big enough.


How big do the bedrooms need to be? Most Florida homes do not have massive bedrooms because they are only used for sleeping.


Florida is an outdoor living State


No one stays indoors too long.


The sun shines, the weather is great and there are a lot of outdoor activities. No one is snowed in. A bigger home may not be the solution, but bigger outdoor living space could be a better bet.



Is paying for space the smartest thing?


To resale, probably “yes” since bigger homes are in demand.  But is it necessary for daily living?  Of course not.



A Bigger home has bigger maintenance costs:


  • Cooling : Central Florida is not an area the you may need heat, but you sure do need Air conditioning.  A bigger house costs more to cool with more places that cold air can escape, more AC ducts that need checking, and more money to keep the thermostat low.  More money to spend just to keep cool.  Many bigger homes need more than one AC unit…maybe even four units.


  • Yard:  Grass, trees, bushes and plants in Florida grow like crazy.  Weeds are prolific and Chinch bugs destroy the lawns.  Yard spraying is a necessity if you want nice grounds.  It is not often that the yard does not need weekly mowing and trimming.  Bigger just means there is more to maintain and more expenses.


  • Taxes:  The bigger the house, the higher the taxes.  The larger the yard, the higher the taxes.  Is the extra space worth the extra tax?


  • Home repairs:  The larger the home, the higher the cost to maintain it.  More things that can go wrong, from rotten wood to needing paint due to the humidity.  More bathrooms mean more plumbing issues. Buying a home warranty could help.


Can your wallet handle a bigger home?


Most home buyers have a budget.  Many home buyer stretch their wallet when they see a BIGGER home or get emotionally involved with something they like.


I say buy whatever you like as long as it will not burden your cash flow and you are comfortable with it. Going into a bigger home should be a decision only you can make.


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