Florida School Choice Law

Florida School Choice Law impacts Home prices


Florida School Choice Law will bring many changes.   Currently Florida School zones are truly integrated into Orlando Real Estate and do impact real estate values.  Parents want to live in the best school districts.  Those top A rated school districts are premium priced neighborhoods. These communities are typically in high demand with homes priced at top dollar.


New Option for School DistrictsFlorida school choice law



Florida School Choice Law will create new options. As it stands now, your child must attend the specific schools assigned to the address of the property where they live.  Crossing school zones may only occur if your child was accepted to a Magnet school for example.


A recent law called Florida School Choice Law was just signed by Governor Scott that softens the school zone boundaries and allows children to attend any Florida public school of their choice.



Rules for Florida School Choice Law


  • Florida School Choice Law goes into effect for the school year 2017-2018.  You may send your child to any Florida public school as long as the child is not currently expelled or suspended. The school must have availability and fit the capacity rules. Florida School Choice Law requires schools to have capacity specifications and plans, and capacity cannot be  determined simply by unoccupied desks.


  • Parents are required to provide their own transportation to and from the new school.


  • Approval to change schools is only granted through the specific school duration and its highest grade level.  It does not automatically grant access to the next school in the district. For example, completing middle school does not automatically grant access to the high school.


  • Certain students will be granted priority access in the open enrollment period.  These would be children of active duty military who moved as a result of military orders.  Also children relocated due to foster care placement will have priority.  Charter schools can provide preferential treatment during open enrollment.


  • Each school district must post their open enrollment procedures.  That includes the application, capacity status, and  policies about their preferential treatment.


Impact on  Orlando Real Estate Prices


David Harrison, Ph. D professor and Howard Phillips Emient Scholar Chair in Real Estate at the University of Central Florida offers insightful review of  Floridas School Choice Law on real estate prices.


Previously top rated schools districts, will now experience a reduction in demand and pressure on rising value will slow down. Florida School Law will for sure shake things up.  These schools districts will experience a new influx of students.  This influx will enhance academic, fine arts, and athletic programs.


Areas of poor performing school districts will start seeing a modest growth in values.  There are scholarship programs already in place that allow students to opt into these districts.  More scholarships will be available because of the Florida School Choice Law.


New home buyers will experience less pressure to buy in the top school district allowing them to purchase in more affordable areas.  The Florida School Choice Law opens up school locations that maybe more convenient for the parents workplace.


Only time will tell how much the Florida School Choice Law will impact Orlando Real Estate values.  Parents will need to become informed about the new procedures for enrollment.  No school transfer is guaranteed under the Florida School Choice Law.


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