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Orlando Exclusive Buyers AgentOrlando Exclusive Buyers Agent works for the home buyer


As an Orlando Exclusive Buyers Agent helping buyers purchase Orlando Real Estate, we know the importance of  having a real estate agent working solely on the buyers side.  Buyers Broker of Florida works ONLY for home buyers, never sellers. We never act as Transaction Brokers.


Because of this specialty niche, not only do we work for the home buyers best interests, but we have home buying options for you that are superior.  Working buyers daily has given us a broad market knowledge and insight  into property values.



We are Orlando Exclusive Buyers Agent, ready to serve only home buyers with 100% Loyalty.



Local Paper recommends using an Orlando Exclusive Buyers Agent


The Orlando Sentinel published an article about what a home buyer should ask when choosing a real estate agent. The article is below…read the 2nd question: “Whom do you represent?”  This article recommends using the services of an Orlando Exclusive Buyers Agent.  Here are more authorities that recommend using an Orlando Exclusive Buyers Agent.


Orlando Exclusive Buyers Agent offers more services


Orlando Exclusive Buyers Agent offer all the services of a traditional agent, plus full fiduciary duties of Loyalty, confidentiality, and full disclosure.  In addition, our extensive knowledge of  the home buyer process, the various loan types, property conditions, different contracts, and areas to buy are second to none.


Buyers Broker of Florida offers the highest  form of Buyer representation available and complies with NAEBA code of ethics, which is more stringent than the regular code of ethics, which are followed by non-exclusive buyer agents.


In Florida, as an Exclusive Buyers Agent, we  are required to put our duties to the  home buyers in writing.  You are never fully represented if you do not have a written agreement to be represented. Ask us.


Think twice when choosing an agent


Home buying is not the same as it was 20 years ago. It is more complex.  Do not assume you can handle it, or do not need additional protection or advice.  You sure do. What we find is many buyers do not know the in’s and out’s of buying a home or understand how to strategically  put an offer together.  Orlando Exclusive Buyers Agent know the best road to take so that the buyer has the most favorable home buying experience.  Check our reviews.


Buyers Brokers of Florida offers complimentary consultation


We offer our expertise and a realistic approach to purchasing real estate.  Contact an Orlando Exclusive Buyers Agent today, and learn the better way to home buying.  No pressure or obligation. Lets chat 407-539-1053.


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