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Celebration Florida is a small town just south of Walt Disney World. Famous architects hired by Disney originally built the town in the ’90s and the architecture in the town center reflects Disney style. The Disney Company today does not own the town of Celebration; they do own a few office buildings on Celebration Boulevard. Celebration is charming and full of storybook charm.


Although it’s not its own city, it is a census-designated place and a master-planned community in Osceola County. Home to about 8000 residents, it was originally developed by the Walt Disney Company and there are several Disney businesses in the town’s office buildings as well as to utility companies, Smart City Telecom, energy services and other small businesses. The town itself remains directly connected to Walt Disney World, which begins near Magic Kingdom.


Schools & Downtown


Downtown Celebration is where most of the activity happens. The town of Celebration was made to be very walkable some of the homes furthest from downtown are only a 20 to 30-minute walk. There are two shopping areas. Town Center is built around a lake and park. The town hosts many fun small town events. In the fall leaf confetti showers the streets from the lampposts and in the winter snow showers the town from the same lampposts. The town also has a farmers market and monthly food truck event. Celebration has two public schools a K-8 and high school as well as a K-8 Montessori school and small college.




The Villages


The town is made up of 10 different villages:


  • Celebration Village
  • North Village
  • Lake Evelyn Village
  • West Village
  • South Village
  • East Village
  • Roseville Corner
  • Aquila Reserve
  • Artisan Park
  • Spring Lake at Celebration.


Each of the villages has their own character and feel. Celebration Village was the first built right along the Main Streets of Celebration. This village is full of homes, home businesses and condos both above downtown shops and new condos under construction in old parking lots. Villages built later and farther away from downtown have a quieter and more suburban atmosphere such as the East Village. All villages have community perks such as pools and parks to enjoy.


Homes and Properties


There are a wide variety of home types in Celebration from condos and townhouses to bungalows and sprawling estates. Condos in the area are in two and three story buildings there are no high rises in Celebration. Condos in Celebration are known to be spacious some are as spacious as a small single-family home. Townhomes can be found in almost every village of Celebration in two and three story models. Some townhomes have extra apartment space above the garage.


The smallest single-family homes in Celebration are known as bungalows. Bungalows come in attached and detached models depending on the village or area of Celebration. Many villages do have bungalows and they come in many different architectural styles. Cottage Village and Garden homes are single-family homes that are non-custom. Village homes are the largest non-custom single-family homes and reflect a southern style.


Celebration also has large custom homes in the form of manor and estate homes. Manor homes are a bit smaller than the estate homes but are still very spacious. Manor homes can be found in Artisan Park and Aquila Reserve. Estate homes are the largest and most luxurious in Celebration. Most estate homes have Golf and Nature Reserve views. Homes in Celebration start at about $150,000 for a condo and top of at almost $5million for a luxurious estate home.


Why Choose Celebration?


I mean who wouldn’t want to live in a place called Celebration? Originally developed by the Walt Disney Camp company, Celebration is one of the best small towns in the Orlando Metro area. With charming homes, lush green parks and relaxing lakefront sidewalks and roads, you’ll soon realize why Celebration is one of the friendliest communities in the area.


The town itself remains directly connected to Walt Disney World, which begins near Magic Kingdom. Celebration does have the stigma of being almost too perfect as it resembled the town in the movie The Stepford Wives.


Initial development occurred in 1996 with Celebration Village followed closely by West Village and Lake Evalyn. Disney’s CEO Michael Eisner took a special interest in the development of this new town in its early days and wanted to make a town worthy of the Disney name and a legacy to carry on for years to come. Celebration is doing just that. The downtown features shops, restaurants, and other commercial establishments as well as over 100 residences. The community features six churches and one Jewish congregation as well as one hospital ministry. There are now more than 500 companies listed as doing business within Celebration in the community holds the only Class A office building in the county.There are a variety of events and festivals all year long as well as town organized events and community activities.


So what’s it like to live here? Within the census-designated area, there are about 150 properties for sale at any given time. Homes range from about $130,000 for condominiums in small houses up to over $3 million for luxury estates and mansions. The town of Celebration is a wonderful place seemingly out of the pages of a Disney tale of the past. Celebration has a low crime rate and high standard of living. There is a home to suite every budget in Celebration


There’s something for everyone and if you love Disney and you love being close to everything, why wouldn’t you choose a home in Celebration? Start browsing all listings below or contact our office today for a customized list of homes and real estate that match your search criteria and price in Celebration Florida.


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