The Difference

the difference

The State of Florida has almost 300,000 Licensed Real Estate Agents…less than 50 represent only home buyers as Exclusive Buyers Agents…

Why so few?

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Because it takes a serious commitment and an advanced level of competence to properly protect, advise and advocate for home buyers, in a niche reserved for only the cream of the crop of licensed real estate agents.

Real Estate Typical Transaction Problems:


Inspections:Many times home inspections reveal serious deficiencies that were unknown, unexpected, or maybe intentionally not disclosed.


  • Typical agent: will minimize the problems.
  • Exclusive Buyers Agent: will attempt to renegotiate the contract to lower the purchase price, take a buyer repair credit, or have seller remedy the issues.


Appraisals:Many appraisal values are coming in at less than the purchase price.


  • Typical agent: will ask the buyer to raise the cash needed to pay the difference.
  • Exclusive Buyers Agent: will ask the seller to reduce the purchase price to appraised value.


Contract dispute: For example: seller takes the nice stainless steel refrigerator and replaces it with the an old white one prior to closing.


  • Typical agent: says “so what? the buyer is still getting a refrigerator”.
  • Exclusive Buyers Agents: says ” Not acceptable, buyer made an offer on the house based on the new stainless steel refrigerator, not an old one, so it needs to stay.”


  • We always do a walk-thru inspection prior to closing to make sure that the property is in the same condition that it was when you purchased it.
  • We always review the closing statement to make sure that you are not being overcharged.
  • We always look out for your best interest…



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