Are Exclusive Buyers Brokers outsiders?

Exclusive Buyers Brokers

Exclusive Buyers Brokers are so different, that some consider us to be “outside” of the norm.  We do have all the privileges and cooperation like all other brokers, but we just operate on a different path. That is fine with me, because I do not want to be “one of them”.


That means I am not one of the 300,000 or so Florida Transaction Brokers who claim to represent home buyers but really don’t.  There are less than 50 Exclusive Buyers Brokers in the state of Florida that work only in the best interest of the home buyer.  It is a narrow specialty niche.



I am a true buyer representative, no gimmicks, no bull and no conflict of interest.  Full, undivided fiduciary duties only for the home buyer..all the time.


Exclusive Buyers Brokers do not avoid “extra” work and take on extra care; they do attend home inspections, walk thru’s, closings, and always put the buyers best interest above their own. If doing my job thoroughly makes me an “outsider”than I am happy to wear the title.


 Exclusive Buyers Brokers: “outsiders” with full fiduciary duties.


Total  100% BUYER loyalty. Undivided. Always. On all properties. I will never talk out both sides of my mouth…you know, like the Florida Transaction Brokers who claim to be on the side of the buyer and the side of the  seller at the same time. I don’t even know how to do that.  Maybe because it is impossible.  The seller wants the highest price, the buyer wants the lowest price.  How do you represent two parties with opposing interests?  Even attorneys aren’t allowed to have two clients in the same case because it’s a conflict of interest.


Smart home buyers understand the conflict,  which is why they seek the outsiders…Exclusive Buyers Brokers. Even the Orlando Sentinel Newspaper recommends using an Exclusive Buyers Brokers for your home purchase.


Full Disclosure to the home buyers.  I love telling it like it is.  When someone spins a story, or omits information, they have to remember what they said or didn’t say. Florida Transaction Brokers have to keep their buyer and seller stories separated.  I can have a short memory, because my story of telling the home buyer everything  that I know does not change.  I can speak freely, confidently, and truthfully to the home buyer.  Everything that I learn about the property, I will tell the home buyer. Regardless if it is good, bad or ugly information.   


I am not the typical agent, I am an outsider who specializes in the very narrow niche of practicing as an Exclusive Buyers Broker.  As a true Exclusive Buyers Broker,  I work in an office that only represents home buyers and never sellers.  The office carries no listings, so there is no obligation to push any particular property on the buyer.  I can be totally unbiased in showing homes, unlike an agent whose obligation is first to company listings.


100% Confidentiality for  the home buyer:  I promise to never blab about you.  I do not spill the beans about what you do for a living (unless it is in your best interest) or how much money you have.  I will never tell anyone how much you really love, love, love the house or how much you are willing to pay.  All your secrets are safe with me.  Always.  What you tell me stays with me.  Strict confidentiality is a fiduciary duty not offered by Florida Transaction Brokers, but always offered by Exclusive Buyers Brokers.  Every home buyer wants an agent that they can trust to protect their best interest. Why settle for less?



Skill, Care and Diligence:  No short cuts on that.  Exclusive Buyers Brokers are more educated than most.  Exclusive Buyers Brokers take on the responsibility and liability of taking care of the buyer to a higher standard.   Advanced education is part of exclusively representing home buyers, because they are required to offer above average duties. They belong to  the National Association of Exclusive Buyers Agents and adhere to a high standard of service and ethics.  Never average, and certainly not the norm.


Please check out our client reviews and read what the media says.  Then call us for a confidential interview 407-539-1053.  We welcome your inquiry.

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