Buying an older home in Orlando

Buying an Older Home in OrlandoBuying an older home in Orlando needs evaluation.


It is a bit different when buying an older home in Orlando.


An older home in Orlando is considered “older” if it is at least 30+ years old.  In some of the northern states in the US, when you say older home, it means about 100 years.  In Orlando, an older home is really not that old, but locally just considered old.



Advantages of buying an older home in Orlando.


  • Usually an older home in Orlando is unique and one of a kind.  Not in an identical cookie-cutter communities.


  • Lots are typically larger than with a newer home.  As land become more scarce, the lots become smaller.


  • An older home in Orlando may have more interesting features.  Real hardwood floors and brick fireplaces.


  • When looking at lake homes, the older homes usually are the prime waterfront locations.



 Disadvantages of buying an older home.


  • More upkeep and maintenance required.


  • Outdated electrical, plumbing and floor plan.


  • Not as energy-efficient like a newer home.


 #1 Problem with buying an older home in Orlando


Getting a good rate for home insurance.  Insurance companies are considering homes 25-30 year old as “older homes”.  An older home in Orlando comes under extra scrutiny with a mandatory 4 point inspection.


4 point inspection on older homes in Orlando


A 4 point inspection is an extra inspection that summarizes the quality of the roof, air conditioner, plumbing and electrical.  It used to be that the buyer could hire this inspection done, but now we are seeing insurance companies send out their own inspectors to do the 4 point inspection after closing.  Homes built in 1920’s or Victorian’s are hard to insure.



Insurance companies do not like:


  • Roofs with less than 5 years of lifetime left.
  • Glass fuse boxes or certain brand of electrical panels.
  • Taped or aluminum wiring
  • Polybutelane plumbing
  • Older hot water heaters


Yes, Homeowners Insurance is available


It is not that you cannot get home insurance for an older home in Orlando, but if the homes 4 point has not been upgraded, you will not get favorable insurance and will pay more.  Most insurance companies do allow you to upgrade these items after closing in order to get a lower priced premium.


Older homes in Orlando


There are several hundred older homes for sale in Orlando ranging from less than $100,000 to more than several million dollars.  Most of the homes are located centrally, close to the downtown Orlando area.  The majority of newer homes are typically on the outskirts of Orlando and Central Florida.


There is no right or wrong choice, it is simply a buyers preference.


To explore all your best home buying options, call the experienced Buyers Brokers at 407-539-1053.

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