Can you ” Steal” Orlando Real Estate?

Occasionally Home Buyers will tell us they want to “steal” a property.orlando real estate


Oh how we hate to hear that!


No, not because the thought is awful but because buyers who believe that they can get a “steal” on Orlando Real Estate will be disappointed.


My first question is “what do you consider a “steal”?


The common answer is something like this:  A nice house in a good neighborhood for about 20% under market value.   Ouch! Seriously, if that was for real, the listing agent would buy and re-sell it.


The reality is that there are deeply discounted properties like:


  • Homes that are in poor condition
  • Homes with funky floor plans
  • Homes that have been added on without a permit
  • Homes on busy streets
  • Homes that are functionally obsolete
  • Homes with no lot
  • Ugly homes


The list could go on and on…but I think you get the picture.


The true picture is that in Orlando Real Estate there are no big “steals”.  Homes are priced for a reason and nice homes are priced at market value.  A nice home at market value will sell fairly quickly and maybe even get multiple offers.



Read about making an offer on Orlando Real Estate and why Orlando Real Estate is a smart investment.



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Motivated Sellers?


Sellers that are motivated or need to sell will not drastically cut the price when they get an offer.  The Orlando Real Estate seller will start dropping their price gradually…The current price is usually close to where the Orlando Real Estate will sell at.


Ya gotta like what you buy…


Lets face it, every Orlando Real Estate buyer wants to buy a home that they LIKE.


If you don’t like the house, are you going to buy it just because of the low price? Probably not.  If you don’t like the house you are buying are you going to be happy living there?  Probably not.


At the end of the day, most home buyers will end up being excited about buying a nice piece of Orlando Real Estate at a good value.  A great house they are proud to call their home.



We work hard in finding the right home for you and negotiating the lowest price.  We offer free expert advice with no obligation. Just ask us. Please call 407-539-1053.

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