Can you trust your Real Estate Agent?

Trust Your Real Estate AgentTrust your Real Estate Agent?


Zillow just put out a report on what consumers want from their agents.  #1 on the list was “TRUST”.   Home Buyers want to TRUST their Real Estate Agent, but can they?  Can you trust your real estate agent?


In Florida to trust your real estate agent is a tall order, because Florida is a Transaction Broker state where every licensee is presumed to be a Transaction Broker that owe you the consumer…not much.


In Florida, a transaction brokers job is to pretend to represent both the buyer and seller and try to keep peace.  You know, kind of like a referee, who has to stay neutral. No help, no taking sides or no one to really trust.  How can your trust your real estate agent if they really don’ t represent you?


When a licensee is a transaction broker they offer  NO FIDUCIARY DUTIES…no loyalty, no confidentiality, no full disclosure…for either buyer or seller.  So how can you trust your real estate agent if they don’t promise you anything?   Florida does not even use the word “agent” in the same sentence with Transaction Broker because that would mean the you actually have an “agent” advocating for you…and in Florida, that’s simply not true.  In order to fully  trust your real estate agent, they have to promise you loyalty, confidentiality, and full disclosure…the core of  being able to trust  your real estate agent.  Luckily for you, there are other choices:



Certainly not a sellers agent that is working for the seller and certainly not a Transaction Broker that is playing both sides of the fence. The media says…trust an Exclusive Buyers Agent.


If you are a seller you need a sellers agent and if you are a buyer you need an Exclusive Buyers Agent that will represent only you and never the seller…ever. Buyers Broker of Florida represents only home buyers with no double talk. There are many benefits.


For Home buyers, the real trust comes in ONLY when you sign a written agreement with an Exclusive Buyers Broker who agrees in writing to NEVER act as a Transaction Broker(Double Agent) and NEVER to represent a seller.  Only an Exclusive Buyers Agent give 100% Loyalty and TRUST TO THE HOME BUYER 100% of the time. There are almost 300,000 licensee’s in the State of Florida, and less than 50 of those practice Exclusive Buyer Agency.


Buyers Broker of Florida is an Exclusive Buyer Agency office that home buyers trust…TRUST is something they practice every day…always. You are guaranteed in writing that you can trust your real estate agent at Buyers Broker of Florida 407-539-1053.

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