Did your last Buyer Agent cash their check and hide?

Buyer Agent where are you?Some things in Real Estate are just not right….


I am talking about a buyer agent that closes a deal and disappears.  They are not to be found on this green earth. The only thing left is their marketing material.


The marketing material that brags about what a great buyer agent they are or what wonderful sellers agents they are.


Ok, so if they are so professional, why are they pretending that they did not get your e-mail, voice mail or text?


Problems after closing.


Problems do come up after closing and the buyer agent still needs to be accountable.  Well, maybe not exactly accountable, but they should at least respond and see if they can help resolve the problem.


That is the least they can do. That is what a professional buyer agent will do.


Buyers Broker of Florida always responds to our clients needs after the transaction.  Always. Even when we know it has nothing to do with us and we could choose not to respond.  Our client level service does not die when the transaction closes.  Check out our reviews.  As a serious Buyer Agent we are always there to help our buyer clients long after the check clears.


Issues that did come up after closing:


  • The security system is malfunctioning and making noise.  We tracked down the sellers and got the code to turn it off.


  • The A/C stopped working.  We helped the buyers utilize their warranty contract that they were not clear about and saved them money for repairs.


  • A buyer client from 5 years ago asked me to provide him with sales information so that he could remove his PMI from his mortgage.  We gladly did that.


On the flip side, just last month another one of our clients called. While tearing out a wall for home renovations they found termite damage.  I tried to get help from the listing agent to see if the sellers ever had the property treated for termites.  At first the listing agent responded and said she would check with them.


Then she fell off the face of the earth.  No return call, no text, no communication. No help at all.


We have been in business 25 years and will always respond quickly to help any of our former clients. That is just what a great buyer agent does.  That is just what we do…407-539-1053.


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