Free advice from Orlando Buyer Agent

Orlando Buyer Agent offers free home buying advice.


Orlando Buyer Agent offers a no obligation, home buying consultation where all your questions will be answered expertly and honestly.


Free advice from an seasoned and savvy Orlando Buyer Agent. This is a priceless benefit that every home buyer will benefit from.


Set up a phone chat (International Orlando Buyer Agent gives advicewelcome) HERE


Get an accurate overview of the Central Florida Real Estate Market, and understand how your wants and needs stack up. Orlando Buyer Agent guarantees that you will learn important tidbits that right now you are unaware of.


Regular traditional agents typically “farm” an area around their office or an area where the agent lives. So their expertise is in a certain geographic area where they list homes.  Many never venture outside their community of choice, so may be unaware of what other home buying opportunities existing in other Central Florida locations.


Orlando Buyer Agent travel to show homes where ever they need to.


Orlando Buyer Agent helps home buyers in all 6 counties.


Orlando Buyer Agent works in wherever county the needs of our buyer clients are best served. Orlando Buyer Agent works ONLY for home buyers, never sellers. They can discuss intelligently the areas, communities, differences in home values and what you can expect to buy for your budget. Call Orlando Buyer Agent today 407-539-1053


Consultation with Orlando Buyer Agent may include:


  • Information on areas and cities that fit your criteria that no one has told you about.


  • You might be able to buy the same thing for less, just 30 minutes away.


  • Did you know that 99% of Florida realtors do NOT owe you loyalty? (we do!)


  • Why you should not let the seller select the title company.


  • Should you buy resale or new construction?


  • What is the best time of year for negotiating?


  • Where are the home bargains?


  • Should you hire an attorney?


  • Best way to make an offer…


  • Are foreclosures and short sales the best buys?


  • Tips for selecting properties to view.


Buyers Broker of Florida is an Exclusive Buyer Agency office dedicated ONLY to representing the best interest of the home buyer, never the seller. Orlando Buyer Agent commission is paid by the listing office, no differently than any licensed real estate office gets paid.  You have nothing to loose, so let us help you make your best investment. Call 407-539-1053  

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