Are you a Home Buyer Client or Customer?

Are you a Home Buyer  Client or Customer?       


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Many Florida  Home Buyers do not understand that Real Estate Agent relationships of client or customer come under two different labels with two different set of duties…sort of like day and night.  The home buyer is either a customer or client.  Are you a buyer client or customer?



Customer:  Florida Transaction Brokers have only customers.  If your realtor is a Transaction Broker, there is no agency relationship established and no fiduciary representation which means NO LOYALTY.  Transaction Brokers  do  not counsel, advise, protect, or advocate …they are simply neutral middle persons…not what a home buyer needs.  A home buyer needs to have their own  buyers agent



The difference between being a customer and a client can be compared with the difference in casual dating and getting married.  Casual dating (customer) has no commitment…while marriage is a  relationship of trust. (like being a client)



Clients get “client” level services…a fiduciary relationship of total loyalty, total confidentiality and full disclosure.  The agent then has the duty to advise, investigate, counsel, protect and actively advocate for the home buyer…no different than the duties that an attorney has.


are you a home buyer client or customer

Client level services are what every home buyer needs…

In Florida, in order to be represented, there has to be a written agreement between the home buyer and the agent. If you do not have a written agreement to be represented, you are just a customer…with no one putting your interest first.  Are you a home buyer client or customer?


Exclusive Buyer Representation is the highest level of representation that a buyer can have. Less than 50 agents in the state of Florida provide Exclusive Home Buyer Representation and  Buyers Broker of Florida is the most experienced Buyer Agency office  in the state.  Don’t wonder if you are a customer or client.  Get client level buyer services  by calling  407-539-1053.


The author, Eve Alexander has been recognized by the courts as  an “agency expert”  on customer and client duties in lawsuits against real estate agents.  She has taught Agency, Ethics, Buyer  Representation, Contracts, Fair Housing, etc. and has also co-authored Procuring Cause for Buyer Agents, chaired Education, chaired Grievance, chaired Professional  Standards, and her opinions have been featured in many publications.


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