Home Buying Mistakes

Home buying mistakes

Home buying mistakes happen daily.


Mostly after it is too late.


Home buying mistakes range from picking the wrong agent to picking the wrong house.  Don’t kid yourself…every home buyer needs professional help from a seasoned buyers agent.  That can mean the difference between home buying frustration or a happy transaction.


Home buying mistakes happen most often when the buyer is not being advised by a seasoned buyers agent.


Often home buyers will call us for advice on how to fix their home buying mistakes.  We simply can’t fix their home buying mistakes if we are not involved in the transaction.


Sorry its just too late to wave the magic wand and make the home buying mistakes disappear.


But please, read on…


Here are 3 big home buying mistakes:

Home Buying Mistakes #1:

Calling on the Real Estate Sign. The agent answering the phone has a duty to sell the home for the highest price for the seller.  They owe you, the home buyer, absolutely nothing…not even the truth.  Every home buyer needs their own agent and the home buyers best option is always an Exclusive Buyers Agent who is loyal only to the home buyer, and never the seller.


Home Buying Mistakes #2:

Not getting your financing in order before you look at homes. Financing is not as simple as it used to be and home buyers need to know their cash outlay and monthly payments before picking a price range of homes.  You should not look at homes above your comfort level or for more than what’s in your wallet.


Many times your guess about what it will cost you may not be the real number.  You need a licensed mortgage broker to give you all your options and guide you into a mortgage program that best suits your needs.


Home Buying Mistakes #3:

Not having an open mind about the house. If you are not finding your dream home, chances are it does not exist in your budget.  Be realistic.  Try to see the positive in each home and advantages of owning a home,  instead of dwelling on just what the house does not have.  A happy home buyer does not look for perfection.


Occasionally we will have a home buyer who cannot find what they want, so they choose to “wait”…(while the prices of homes go up).  Last year the home prices in Central Florida went up 28%.  So if you are in the price point of $300,000, waiting a year will only have the same home cost $384,000,…an increase of $84,000…and that is only if the interest rates stayed the same.


Waiting to buy a home never solves any home buying mistakes unless you are having a problem with qualifying for financing.  Then you must wait.


For an honest and accurate evaluation of what your best home buying options are, call Buyers Broker for a complimentary phone consultation: 407-539-1053.

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