Home buying tips for home buyers

home buying tips

Home Buyer Story:


I just had a call from an anonymous buyer who was in hot water on a contract to buy a home and wanted out of the deal.  He wanted my advice, despite that he had an agent…or so he thought.


Of course the buyer was not sure what they signed.  A scarey thought, but not unusual.


The real estate forums are full of home buyers seeking advice on how to get out of their contract, but they seldom know what the contract they signed really said.





Here are some home buying tips for Home buyers.


Home Buying Tips #1:  Choose your agent carefully.

Not all agents are experienced and very few actively represent home buyers. Interview them and be aware that Transaction Brokers are not buyer representatives.


H.ome Buying Tips #2:  Read what you sign.

Don’t let anyone pressure you into signing anything.  If you don’t understand, or are not comfortable, ask for a copy to take home to review.


Home Buying Tips #3:  Ask Questions.

There is no such thing as a stupid question.  If the answer does not make sense, wait for a better answer.


Home Buying Tips #4:  Is your agent pushy?

If so, drop them and find another broker more compatible. It is OK to change agents. Its your money so  hire the best.


Home Buying Tips #5:  Keep an open mind.

There is no such thing as perfection.  View homes to see if they could work instead of just looking for flaws.


Home Buying Tips #6:  Not finding what you want?

Maybe it does not exist. Try reducing your must haves, or increase your budget.


Home buying should be a pleasant experience.  The home buyer should be comfortable in asking questions or understanding what they signed.  Buyers have many choices and decisions to make. This should all be discussed and explained before the ink dries.



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