What about home inspections and home inspectors?

home inspectorsLets talk about home inspections and home inspectors.


A few years ago there was a change for Florida Home inspectors.  Now all  home inspectors must be licensed with a whole new set of rules.  That may be a double edged sword.


While it is a good thing that some fly by night home inspectors are no longer in business, the state also limits the items that home inspectors MUST inspected.


Some new home inspectors choose to follow the short list which is a shorter list  then what seasoned inspectors inspect.


The reality is that the home inspectors now have a long list of things that they no longer need to inspect.


For example:  If there are 12 doors, the home inspectors only need to check a “representative” number of them.  Per these rules, two doors sounds good enough.   If there are a 99 outlets, the home inspectors only need to check maybe 5 of them.


I don’t like that.  I want everything checked, regardless of how long it takes.  Some home inspectors do not get on the roof, do not check the sprinkler system or do not even check all the appliances.


Home Inspectors can now say…


  • Yes the A/C works, but it’s not my job to see if the back room is cooling properly…
  • Code violations are not on my “to do” list…
  • Sorry, I can’t tell you if the house is unsafe…


Here is more…


If the home inspector sees mold in the attic, unless they are a general contractor (which most are not) or unless they are a mold assessor (which most are not), they cannot comment on the black stuff the that can make you sick…


If the home inspectors find termites, unless they have a additional termite license, they can pretend not to see anything.  How crazy is that? I want to go back to the old days when home inspectors just inspected it all and were not afraid to call it like it is.


The buyer deserves to see the whole picture, not a narrow view of the home that they are purchasing,  Therefore, we only recommend experienced home inspectors who know what they are doing and don’t skip over anything.  The home inspectors on our list are are also certified in advanced education.


What kind of home inspections will you need?

For a typical home you will need at minimum a comprehensive inspection which means that the home inspector inspects…the roof, electrical, plumbing, A/C,  appliances  and more.  If the home inspector finds serious deficiencies, the buyer can then hire a specialist in that field for a more in depth analysis.

Depending upon the type of property you are buying, you may also get a septic tank evaluation, pool inspection, termite inspection, and even elevator, electronics and security system inspections.  Plus more.  You can do home inspections on resale or new construction.


What is the cost of home inspections?

The cost of home inspections depends upon the size of the home, the amenities and what the buyer wishes to inspect.  Most typical home inspections will range from $350-750 and can go upwards from there for larger luxury homes.


Does the home buyer need to be at the home inspection?

No, but they are welcome to be there.  Buyers Broker of Florida buyers agents will always attend on your behalf.


Can I renegotiate the contract after home inspections?

Absolutely yes…with us you can. We will always make sure that you have the option to approve the home inspections before moving forward with the purchase.  With a different  agent, who knows? Although another agent may be working with you, they may not be working for you.


For expert buyer representation from seasoned exclusive buyer agents, call Buyer Broker of Florida today  407-539-1053.

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