Making an offer on property…

Making an offer on property is always a big question.


making an offer on property

When? How much? and Why?  There is no simple answer to making an offer on property.  Many variables that just depend.


Here are some things to consider before making an offer on property.


Supply and demand:  


  • Is there a big supply of your criteria?   Are your requirements so narrow that supply is almost non- existent?  If so than your making an offer on property has to be flexible.  If the supply is limited, the demand is greater and the price will be higher. If the supply is limited, your choices are smaller and therefore playing hardball will only result in possibly loosing the property to another home buyer. Sellers know when they have a hot commodity, and will price it accordingly.


Current Asking price: 


  • The price can be low, fair or high.  Where does your property fit in?  Is it priced high for the neighborhood or is the property fairly priced. If the property is well priced, it will sell.  A decent home in a good area with a fair price will sell quickly.  Today it is a sellers market, not a buyers market, so sellers have the upper hand.


 How badly you want the property? 


  • This is a serious question.  Is the home in the perfect location for you with the space that you always dreamed of ?  Or is it just ” ho-hum” where you don’t care if you get it or not.  If you are not excited about the property, then sure, you can just throw out an offer and see what happens.  If however you get happy just thinking about the house, than making an offer on the property needs to be strategic, so that you do end up with your dream home.



Here is how Buyers Broker of Florida can help:


Before you think about making an offer on property we will research the home to learn what we can. How is the property priced?  How long has the home been on the market?  Also evaluate if any price changes as it does speak to how negotiable the seller might be.  We openly discuss all your options when making an offer on property.  Home buyers benefit from the knowledge and experience that we share with you.  We want to help you find the right home at the best price.


Buyers Broker of Florida is a Buyer Agency Office that specializes in representing ONLY the best interest of the home buyer.  Experience the difference. Call 407-539-1053.

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