New Construction Home Inspections

Home Inspection Can Be Done


Home buyers are not aware they can do new home inspections during the building of their home. There are very few buyers agents that will even suggest it. It’s brand new what can go wrong?


Even though the national builders are professional, things can be overlooked, and problems can arise.


Even though the specific county will conduct their own inspections, often its not long enough to do thorough job and they are not always concerned with quality. For example, if air duct return is crooked it still passes inspections. The Construction Managers do not always look for hidden defects, but a buyers inspector will.


Smart home buyers will implement a strategy to build a quality home.


What type of New Home Inspections can be done?


There are several phases of inspection that could be done over the course building process but the following are the most concise. Buyers will be paying for these inspections and important to do the most effective ones.


Slab Inspection. This inspection is done slab forms, rebar, plumbing are installed and done day before or day of the pouring of concrete. This one is most tricky to schedule with the builder because the process from completion to county approval goes quickly. The builder forgets to call the buyers inspector or inspector not available at last minute notice. The buyers inspector needs to be able to read building plans in order to be the most effective.


Pre-drywall Inpsection. This reviews the interior and exterior of the home before the walls go up. It addresses, framing, roofing, plumbing, and electric placement. This also a time to buyers and their agent to verify the structural options are installed. In addition the extra electric, cable, or security are in the right locations. The inspector needs to be able to review truss engineering and building plans to be most effective.


Final Inspection. This is the MOST important out of all three of the inspection. This one is the most critical and is done when the home is completed. Home buyers should verify the electric and water has been turned on, the appliances installed, and at least one cleaning to remove dust. These tips will help you get a thorough inspection done. The buyers inspector will do both functional and cosmetic inspection. Examples of cosmetic items, there paint splatter, dry wall touch up, concrete splatter, paint, cabinetry touch up will be flagged too.


What should buyers expect?


A lot of items to be listed on the reports. It is not uncommon. Buyers should insist the Construction Manager go through the list to ensure items are fixed or provide photos or written confirmation. Most often the lists are cleared up before closing, but some items may linger after closing. This could happen especially if they have to reorder something. Most builder contracts do not allow closing to be extended if remaining items are not completed and if a Certificate of Occupancy has been issued by the county.


Buyers Broker of Florida partners with buyers every step of the way when building a brand new home. We attend inspections, all the builder meetings, and make sure all of your paid options have been installed in the home. Want to buy a new home? We make it easy. Call 407-539-1053 for more information.

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