On vacation or buying an Orlando home?

Are you buying an Orlando home or just a “looker” on vacation?   buying an Orlando Home


Buyer Agents that work in the sunshine states all have this dilemma of sorting out who is serious about buying an Orlando home and who is just here on vacation, wanting to look at  homes.


Most of the time it is not hard to figure out who is serious about buying an Orlando home,  but sometimes the lines can be blurred.



Lets face it, being on a Disney vacation can be intoxicating


Everything is perfect:  The weather is perfect, the food tastes wonderful, Disney is fun, and the pool is refreshing.  Even the wallet is flush with cash. It feels good to sip on a Margarita and not worry about anything…


Many vacationers do not want to leave Orlando


Life back home may be boring compared to being in Orlando, so vacationers may start dreaming about buying an Orlando home.  Investing in Orlando Real Estate starts to look real good.


Sure, OK…lets call a Buyers  Agent and see what is out there.  No, lets not worry about the price now, our credit is good.  We just need to find the perfect house and then we will figure the rest out.  But of course we need a Buyer Broker to represent us.”


And that’s how it starts.  That how we get involved.  This is how we sort them out.


Vacationers VS Real Home Buyers


Vacationer looking at buying an Orlando Home:


  • They come to Disney and then as an afterthought, they call you while in town…usually toward the end of their vacation.


  • They want you to plan showing property around their vacation plans and lunch dates.


  • They have not spoken to a mortgage lender, but assume that they can qualify for a loan.  Or hope to.


  • They are not sure about their move plans or specifically what the home criteria needs to be.  They just want to look.



 Home Buyers buying an Orlando Home


  • Call you in advance of arriving in town.  They have already been searching for homes on line and want you to understand what they need to have a productive home search.


  • They know what they want and their time frame to buy.  They also have a pretty good idea of what they can afford.


  • Buying an Orlando home comes FIRST.  If there is time leftover, THEN they go to Disney or other attractions.


  • Nothing interferes with house hunting as it is a top priority.  Buying an Orlando home is their only priority.


If you are serious about buying an Orlando  home, we can give you some serious help.  Call Buyers Broker of Florida for the best in buyer representation. 407-539-1053



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