Orlando Buyer Broker is not concerned about the seller…

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My buyer client made an offer on one agents listing.  Frankly, the listing agent came unglued.


Listing agent could not believe by clients offer, which she thought was way too low. (Yes, the listing agent works for the seller).  She added that obviously I did not consider the sellers feelings…


She then reiterated how much money the seller spent on remodeling the home and staging it.  What has that got to do with the property value? Maybe the remodel is not in good taste and who cares about staging?


Does the sellers overspending make this property worth more?


This Orlando Buyer Broker says “No, of course not”.  The property is worth only what the market bears so what the seller spent, what they paid for the property, or what they owe on the mortgage is irrelevant.


As a dedicated Orlando Buyer Broker, before my buyer client makes an offer on any property, I provide them with all the pertinent information.  I give them all the data on the property value along with my expert opinion.


So this offer came strictly from a business position of market value…nothing personal.


List agent says I need to sympathize with the seller…


Wrong. Regardless of  the sellers problems of finances, divorce or bankruptcy this does not compel me to become a “double agent” and let emotions interfere in my job of buyer representation.


I have no fiduciary duty to consider the seller.


My only concern is for the home buyer who I solely represent and I always empathize with them.  That is my job.  My only duty is to work hard to get the lowest price and most favorable terms for the buyer.


 Why do home buyers hire Orlando Buyer Broker?


  • Orlando Buyer Broker has no conflict of interest.
  • Orlando Buyer Broker gives 100% buyer loyalty.
  • Orlando Buyer Broker is not a facilitator/transaction broker.
  • Orlando Buyer Broker is not  concerned with the seller…


Interestingly, that after some minor negotiations, the seller accepted the buyers offer and the deal closed.  So, I guess the buyers offer was not so bad after all…


For expert buyer representation with buyers agents that are clear about which side they are on, call Orlando Buyer Broker at 407-539-1053.

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