How Orlando Buyers Agents get paid

How Orlando Buyers Agents get paidHow Orlando Buyers Agents get paid is often misunderstood.


Some home buyers will not even call any Orlando Buyers Agents because they think they will have to pay them out of their own pocket.  Not so.


There are several ways that Orlando Buyers Agents can get paid that is not cash direct from the home buyer.


Here are two of the most common ways that Orlando Buyers Agents get paid:



1.  The seller pays the full commission to the listing broker/listing office, who then shares with Buyers Agent.


That listing office then splits that commission with the agent that sells the property. That agent is the selling agent/buyers agent.  So in reality the buyers agent gets paid by the listing office.

This is the most common way that Orlando buyers agents gets paid.


All Orlando Real Estate Office practice this method of cooperating with Buyers Agents.  The listing office “co-operates” the fee to the Orlando Buyers Agents just like they would pay any other real estate office.


2.  Orlando Buyers Agents can be paid by the seller through the terms of the home buyers offer.


The Buyer Agents professional service fee (commission) is paid by the seller as part of the contract and offer that the buyer makes.  In other words, the buyer offer will include terms that the seller will pay the Orlando Buyers Agents fee at the closing on the property.


Who pays the commission has nothing to do with who that agent represents.  Commission is a negotiable item that can be paid by either party. Some say the seller pays it and some say that the buyer is paying because they are bringing money to the table at closing.


Legally , the seller can pay the Orlando Buyers Agents commission, the listing office can also pay or the buyer can pay.  Or any combination of the three can pay…it just depends upon what the agreement is, or what the home buyer prefers.


The reality is that is is very rare that the home buyer chooses to pay the Orlando Buyers Agents directly out of pocket.


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