Orlando New Construction with NO Bathroom Door…

Orlando New construction door Orlando New Construction can be a surprise…


I may have seen it all. Well almost.  I thought that I can no longer be surprised at what basics are not included in the base price of an Orlando New Construction home, but this “upgrade” was a shocker.


No master bathroom door was included in the base price…but of course you can put one on for a mere $275.  I am serious.


 Tips on Orlando New Construction Homes


Nice upgrades used to be included in the base price…


Rare to find today.  Most Orlando New Construction builders charge extra for everything.


So typically a home with a base price of $300,000 will probably end up really costing you $360,ooo with just a few extras…and I do just mean a “few”.  An Orlando New Construction Model home with a base price of $300,000 will probably have $100,000+ in upgrades. Statistics say that the average Orlando New Construction home buyer spends about 15- 20% of the base price on additional upgrades.


So if you like the way the Orlando New Construction Model home looks, it will just cost you more.


Most home buyers understand that granite, crown molding or hardwood floors are an upgrade.  But here are some things that most Orlando New Construction builders consider an upgrade, that home buyers are surprised about.


  • The size of the front door
  • The coach lights on the garage door
  • toilet paper holder
  • towel bars
  • The kitchen outlets
  • The ceiling fans
  • …even the water spigot on the outside of the house are an extra cost.


Lets not forget the Orlando New Construction lot upgrades…called “premiums”.  It used to be that only special lots…lots that are larger, on conservation or on water carried a “premium” price.  Typically $2,500-$25,000 but I have seen lot  premiums go as high as $200,000.


Today, I am seeing Orlando New Construction communities where every lot is a premium…that means the new community has no lots that you don’t pay extra for.


Some Orlando New Construction lot premiums are not worth it.


Yes,  I have evaluated lots with high premiums that are not good lots at all.  For example, there were lots located close to the entrance  of the community that backed up to the wall of the shopping center. I would never buy one.  But the Orlando New Construction Builder marketed them with a high premium for the “extra” landscaping, and sold them quickly.  Clever.


To get the scoop on Orlando New Construction and which builder has the best deals, call Buyers Broker of  Florida 407-539-1053. You will be glad you did.

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