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When buying Real Estate in Orlando, it is always smart to have an experienced buyers agent analyse the home before making an offer.  There is more to Real Estate in Orlando than just how good the house looks. Here is a Free Home Buying Guide.


  • How is the home priced…too high, too low, or fair market value?


  • How long has it been on the market?  The longer the house sits, the more motivated the sellers…but the Real Estate in Orlando is selling, so what is wrong with this house that it has been sitting on the market too long?


  • How motivated is the seller?  Does the seller need to move, or are they just fishing? Does the seller and sellers agent think the home is a palace?


These are all factors to consider when negotiating Real Estate in Orlando…


What is negotiable in Real Estate in Orlando?


An Orlando Home Buyer can negotiate pretty much anything on real estate in Orlando…if they are the only person bidding on the property.


Everything can be negotiable: price, terms, repairs, escrow deposit, appliances, closing date, closing costs, and even personal property.  Real Estate in Orlando may be more or less negotiable than what a home buyer is accustomed to, and the way of doing business in Orlando may even feel strange. Don’t compare the discount you might get on homes in other states with Real Estate in Orlando. Orlando is a high demand area for real estate investment.


How much you can negotiate also depends upon how experienced the listing agent is…are they OK with you asking for concessions?  Or will the seller’s agent get emotional and “freak out” that you are trying to steal the sellers house.  Trust me, this does happen and sellers do take on the attitude of their agent.


Sure, we can negotiate to your hearts content…BUT…


“HOT” real estate in Orlando with other bidders is a different story. This means in order to get your offer accepted, you will need to offer a higher price and ask  for as little as possible. The year 2014 is not a buyers market and Orlando sellers want a simple sale at the highest price and most favorable terms with no hassle or “splitting hairs”. Every home has different circumstances and we advise home buyers on their best options. It is up to the buyer to decide how they wish to handle it.


Will an all-cash deal win?  Absolutely, if the terms are comparable…but cash alone will not trump a higher price, unless there is a chance the real estate in Orlando might not appraise or is so distressed that it does not qualify for financing.


In negotiating Real Estate in Orlando, all the above factors need to be considered. Most importantly...How badly do you want the property?  That is a serious question. If this is a unique hard-to-find property that really want, than negotiations will have to be limited to those things that are most important to you…otherwise, we move on to another property. No worries, there will always be more real estate in Orlando to purchase.


Buyers Brokers of Florida are top notch experienced Buyer Agent negotiators so these are things that we can discuss and advise you before you make an offer…every property comes with different guidelines, so just ask us. 407-539-1053





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