Septic Tank Inspections Orlando

Septic Tanks Inspections Orlando is a dirty business


Septic Tanks are always a dirty business. Think of it as your own personal sewer that is located in the ground underneath you.   


Most home buyers are not familiar with septic tanks and do not give it much thought initially when developing their criteria for buying a home. Because Septic tanks are common in Central Florida, typically finding one is not a deal breaker.



When home buyers find the right home in a good location, having a septic tank becomes secondary.


However, there are considerations when purchasing a home in Orlando with a septic tank. Home buyers need to be aware.


How Do Septic Tanks Work?




What to consider when searching for properties.


Location and age of the property may be clues that will determine if the property you are considering may have a septic tank.  Generally, homes that are older, centrally located, or located in rural areas will have septic tanks.  It is always prudent to get septic tank inspections Orlando.


When searching for property, you can see if the property has a septic tank on the MLS listing or sellers disclosure.  Hopefully the information is correct.


If septic tanks are not listed in the property paperwork, (which is common with bank foreclosures), you can contact the water company to check if sewer service is available at that property.


Septic tank inspections Orlando


As your experienced buyers agent we will find out if the property has a septic tank, before inspections are ordered.  


I have personally heard stories about buyers who purchased properties with septic tanks and did not even know it. Their agent did not advise them properly.


It is important to find out if the property does have a septic tank and the condition of it before completing your home  purchase. Repairs on septic tanks are usually not cheap and the fix up may be negotiated after inspections.


Completing Septic Tank Inspections Orlando


Septic Tank inspections Orlando should be done as part of the buyers home inspection process.  


You can do a simple pump out, but a Septic Tank Certification is the best option to get.  The septic tank company will pump out the septic tank removing all the sewage, visually inspect the tank, and fill up the tank to ensure that water is flowing into the drain field.  The Septic Tank Company will then provide a written Septic Tank Certification.


In addition, the company may stake out the septic tank boundary of the drain field  during septic tank inspections Orlando.  


This is important so you know you are not buying a property in which the drainfield  sits under a major structure such as a driveway.  Location of drainfield is important, because you might not be able to add a pool to the property if septic tank and drainfield are located in the back yard. 


The costs of the septic tank inspections Orlando is $350-400 per tank.  While it is rare, some properties have two tanks.


Sewer vs. Septic Tank which is better?


A sewer offers less headache with maintenance but you are required to pay a monthly fee to the municipality for this service.  Septic tanks do not have any monthly fees, but the tanks require routine pumping every 2 to 5 years depending on size and usage.  Septic Tank Inspections Orlando charge about $275-325  for a pump out, depending on the size.


Buying a home with a septic tank does not devalue a home, but buyers needs to be aware of maintenance requirements.


Drainfields can last for decades if routinely serviced, and no blockages or tree roots cause the structure to deteriorate.  Drainfields are several thousand dollars to replace so make septic tank inspections Orlando an important part of the home buying process.


Don’t let your home buying become a dirty business.  Use an experienced  Buyers Broker  that can help and guide you.

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