Short term rentals Orlando

Short term rentals

short term rentals

What is a short term rental?


A short term rental is a property that is rented for a few days or a week, or monthly, typically to vacation visitors. A long term rental would be a rental with a lease of one year.


Where are short term rentals Orlando located?


Currently, short term rentals are allowed in certain areas of Central Florida. More specifically, Kissimmee, Davenport, portions of Orlando and parts of Clermont.


Can any community have short rentals?


No. The community needs to be zoned for short term rental before an owner can rent for short time frames. Many HOA and condo documents have restrictions against short term rentals.


Are there problems with short term rentals?


Although there are hundreds of local short term rental listings in the Orlando area, the city of Orlando and Orange county consider short-term rentals as a code violation in the majority of residential areas.


  • If the community or city does allow short term rentals, than “no” there is usually not a problem, but there could be.


  • Vacation renters come to Orlando to have fun. That means that some party hearty and might be loud enough to disturb the neighbors.


  • Permanent residents who choose not to rent their homes, tend not to like the fact that the neighbors come and go weekly.


  • Tenants do not take care of the property like an owner occupant would.


  • Short term rental communities tend to be managed by property managers with less oversight from the owners. Many of the owners are investors that live out of the State of Florida.


Buying a short term rental property


There are many short term rental properties for sale. Single family homes, condo’s and town homes. The reason there is no shortage of short term rental properties to buy, is that many times, the profit is not as much as the owner expected.


Can you make money with short term rentals? Sure, but it is not as easy as it sounds. Call Buyers Broker of Florida for a confidential chat about home buying options. 407-539-1053

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