Strategy to Build a Quality Home

New Construction Homes can have quality issues

Build a Quality Home


ABC Action News in Tampa had a recent story about home buyers feeling their home complaints have been ignored.


The majority of complaints were about large home builders with homes built during a very busy time of 2004-2008.


In a recent article, Orange County New Homes Soaring published by Buyers Broker of Florida, illustrates that building again is at an all time high. Home buyers purchasing new construction homes can create a strategy to build a quality home.


Can you get to perfection?


There is no such thing as perfection when you go to build a quality home, in fact, the building code and building standards allow some things not to be exact with .25-.50 inches off. The builder is not able to watch over every trade contractor that builds your home and items can get overlooked.


In addition, Construction Managers do not always have a contractors license and may not have full experience. There are ways to minimize your problems in the future. Home buyers should engage in these steps.


Home Buyers Tips to Build a Quality Home

#1 Hire an Exclusive Buyers Agent


Recently, I received a call from an inspector. He was doing inspection for a buyers building a brand new home and they were having alot of problems. Because he knew that we help to resolve problems during the build process he wanted to know if those buyers could hire me.


Unfortunately, they were too far into the process and under contract for me to intervene. By that time, those buyers needed to hire an attorney. A real estate attorney is not cheap at $350 an hour.


Had the home buyers hired an Exclusive Buyers Agent it would not have cost them a thing to have someone work through the construction issues. An Exclusive Buyers Agent only represents the best interest of the home buyer. They specialize in home buying and an advocate for the buyers if things come up.

#2 Conduct Phase Inspections


The builders will not suggest to home buyers that they can conduct their own new home construction inspections. Home Buyers should hire an inspector to review different phases of construction, such as a Slab inspection, Pre-drywall, and Final inspection. It is always most effective, if the home buyers communicate their intentions upfront. Because some inspections are hard to schedule and the builders will not know how to coordinate it.


#3 Stick to Your Grievances


The home buyers are the most influential party to the builder. I have seen instances where home buyers do not want to rock the boat to express their grievances. While many issues can be resolved, it is easier to get a satisfactory result when the home buyers expresses their grievances along with the Exclusive Buyers Agent. We do not mind getting our hands dirty, however the buyer has to be willing to back us up.


#4 Have a Real Estate Attorney on hand


The builder contract allows a home buyer to use any title company to issue title insurance and close the transaction. We always recommend a buyer close with their own attorney’s office. There is no significant difference in cost and you will have an attorney in the background in case additional resources are needed to resolve an issue. We had a builder change the terms of the contract 30 days before closing. It took the buyers title attorney to resolve it quickly.


Florida has a 10 year statute of limitations to file complaint about a new home defect. Home buyers can put this strategy to the test to improve their chances to build a quality of the home. Buyers Broker of Florida can be contacted here.

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