Tips on Negotiating Orlando Property

negotiating Orlando PropertyNegotiating Orlando Property is a skill

Negotiating Orlando property is what we do.  No bragging, we are the experts. This is NOT however what home buyers know how to do or can do. You simply cannot be demanding.


This is Orlando, which is a desirable place to live with a very high demand for real estate.  Negotiating Orlando Property is not like Texas, Alabama or anywhere else in the United States, where the buyer may be king. Or where, unlike Orlando, property sellers are desperate to sell.


Here are some important points if you want to understand negotiating Orlando Property.


Multiple offers are common


Multiple buyer offers for the same property are common, especially in the “below $250,000” price range.  This is a price point that investors like.  Investors pay CASH and ask for no concessions.  They waive any contingencies and don’t care if the roof has 7 leaks.  Investors just want something to make rental income.


Let’s face it, more and more people are now renting than in previous years where everyone wanted to own. So negotiating Orlando property for future rental property can be lucrative.


This price range means lots of competition for the same property.  Unless you are willing to offer full price or more, pay your own closing costs and have solid financing, you will have to make many offers before you are lucky enough to snag a property.



Skip the “perfection” thing


There is no such thing as a perfect house. It does not matter how much you are spending, the property will not have everything that you want.  Million dollar homes are never perfect either. Every re-sale property will have some deficiencies. For example, great house/lot too small..  Big lot/house too small.. Tiny bedrooms, outdated kitchen, awkward driveway, bedrooms on the wrong floor, busy street, no view and the pool faces north rather than south east.


That is reality. Stay flexible.


Making an offer on Orlando property


Listen to your trusted Buyers Broker. We have been in this business for over 25 years and give good advice, because we know the real estate market in Central Florida and understand how sellers think.  The final decision is always yours. Ask us anything 407-539-1053


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