When Orlando Home Buyers Sabotage themselves…

orlando home buyersOrlando Home Buyers Sabatoge Stories:


Orlando Home Buyers who search for Buyers Brokers are looking for more than just an agent, so they value our opinion and expertise and rely on what we say…but then there are those few that either think they know it all or are so anxious that they sabotage their own real estate deal.


Stories of mistakes Orlando Home Buyers made:


Orlando Home Buyer Story  #1: Buyer talks to much…


After signing up as an Orlando Home Buyer at a new home development, the buyers called the builders agent and made an offer on a completed home and accepted the builders counter offer.  Then the Orlando Home Buyer reconsiders, and decides that they no longer liked the counter offer they already accepted and thought that the should have gotten a better one.


So now buyers call  us to confess what they did so we can “save them” and “negotiate a better deal”. Sure, we will give it our best…even though they blew it by trying to negotiate with the builders representative.  The friendly builders rep whose job it is to sell the home for the highest price…


Think about this, really.  After this Orlando Home Buyer blabs and tells the builders agent how much money they have and how much they love, love, love that particular model, does anyone really think that the builder will now LOWER the price?  New home prices don’t go down when the buyer talks too much.  Please let your trusted Buyers Broker to do the talking for you…it will keep you out of trouble.



Orlando Home Buyer Story #2:  Buyer becomes too friendly with the seller…


We warned the Orlando Home Buyers that sellers are just a business transaction, not a friend, and they need to keep it arms length.  They didn’t listen. Buyer invited the sellers to breakfast where they became “buddies”.  Gosh, they had so much in common!  But then…the “buddy” seller signed the closing docs early and moved out of state…and took the appliances which were supposed to stay with the house sale. By the time buyer realized it, the buyers “property” was across the state line.


Seller insisted that the buyers said that they didn’t need or want the appliances. I did not even have to say “I told your so”…buyers were embarrassed and quietly decided to close…and loose about $3000 in appliances.  This would have never happened if buyer followed our experienced advice of no “chit chat” with the seller.


Experienced Real Estate Buyers Agents know what the best course of action is for a home buyer to take. Orlando Home Buyers who don’t listen, will always pay the price. Orlando Home Buyers need to heed advice from their  experienced buyers agent before they speak and sabotage their own real estate transaction. The best course of action is to let your trusted buyers broker always speak for you.


For an experienced Buyers Broker that ALWAYS looks out for the home buyers best interest, call Buyers  Broker of Florida 407-539-1053



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