When the dog picks the house…

I have been in the business long enough to…

…see all the influences on the home purchase.  Parents, in-laws and friends top the list…when the dog picks the house, not so much.

dog picks the house


Here’s the kind of people advice home buyers get:

  • “I know you can get more for your money””
  • ” Why are you not looking on Park avenue?”
  • “Boy, that needs a lot of work”
  • “OMG this house is overpriced”
  • “Well…if you really like it…hmm.


Every one without a real estate license is an expert on real estate…buyers don’t even need to ask for advice, as everyone offers it.


When the dog picks the house it works better.  Dogs don’t criticize. Dogs don’t sabotage.


Here are some examples of sabotage:


  •  I remember the wife’s special friend who walked into every house first, just to tell the buyer if this house was something the buyer needed.  She would open the door and say “Oh no, this one is not right for you…”  If the wife’s friend did not like it first, the buyer did not go in.  It was a long time before we found a house the special friend approved.


  • Then there was the family from Texas who turned down the job promotion only because the 11 year old daughter did not like any of the homes they saw. The little princess would stomp her feet and not want to look.  Parents decided the move would not be good for her.


Home buyers always want someone to approve their decision


…even if it is just the dog.  I take that back.  I did not really mean to say  “just”, I realize that dogs are an important part of a family.  I know because I have 4 dogs and remember buying on the lake just for the dogs.


But when the dog picks the house…it works!


One of my favorite homebuyers were retirees coming to town with their small dog to find a house.  I “got it” before they even asked. I said: “Sure you can bring your dog in my car!!!  No problem”.


I am an animal lover and it would not be the first time I have had a dog in the car, looking at property. I had 3 dogs at a closing one time.  I even babysat a buyers snakes in my office.


“Ace” the little pooch was a charmer and the owners were smitten.


The day schedule revolved around Ace . Whatever was best for Ace, we did.  In reality, I think if I said “no dogs” the owners would have been heart broke and ready to cut the viewings short.


Every house we entered, we ALL asked Ace if he liked it…some homes he was not sure about and some he was ready to leave.  He always behaved like a gentleman.


Then came “the” house.


The buyers loved the house and Ace’s tail did not stop wagging.  Anyone that thinks that dogs don’t sense the owners emotions, have not met Ace.  It was a done deal when buyers said that Ace loved the house too!  That was when the home buyers went to contract and that was also the day of Ace’s 2nd birthday.  What a happy coincidence!


That was  good day for me too…no tantrums and no sticky candy in the back seat.  Just so you know, I welcome all dogs  to ride along and pick the house. No problem. Woof Woof!


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