Avalon Park in Orlando has the BEST garage sale

Avalon Park Garage SaLEAvalon Park in Orlando has an annual garage sale that is a BIG event.


Seriously.  I am a garage sale junkie and know there is no community garage sale as elaborate as the Avalon Park Annual Sale.  This was my third year for Avalon Park and I am glad I went.


I also think there is no therapy better that getting a real bargain, for pennies on the dollar.


What about it?


The Avalon Park garage sale is on a Saturday only and the preparations start weeks before that.


Attendees can get an itinerary, complete with all the addresses of the participants and what they are selling.  How nice, you can pick and choose to go to the homes that have the treasures you are looking for.


There were more than 100 homes having a sale…it was going to be fun day.


Details on the Avalon Park Garage sale…


My daughter and I started early…at 7am…yes it was just the beginning of daylight.  Don’t think for a minute that we were too early…cars were already driving around looking for those already setting up.  I know that the garage sales best bargains are the first to be snapped up and Avalon Park was no different.


The early birds brought their pick-up truck.  What a sight to see..the pickup beds were piled 6 feet high with whatever treasures that person found.  Mostly we saw pick up trucks loaded down with kid stuff.  Baby furniture and kids toys.  I marvel at how much money is spent on buying kids toys and designer clothes for tots that are too young to care.



The kids were also peddling stuff


Speaking of kids, this Avalon Park Garage sale is an experience for the kids too.  Many kids had stands sent up for lemonade, water, cookies, and kiddie collectibles.  These kids were future business owners and some were remarkably good in pushing their sales.  We just had to give these awesome kids some pocket change just for being out there, trying to help the cause.


But the adults were just not going to be outdone by the kids…adults were selling muffins, coffee, bacon, toast and some even opened up their homes to cook up a complete breakfast.  Just the sight of the fun everyone was having, made me smile.  The only thing I did not see on the menu was alcohol.  This was for sure a party, but alcohol was not needed.



So what what did the Avalon Park garage sale offer?


Everything you can imagine was for sale…some used and some items brand new still in a box. All kinds of furniture, appliances, furnishings and household items at various cheap prices. Clothes were selling mostly from 25 cents to $2 a piece. Purses about $1.  But don’t think that everything was cheap.  I saw a Tiffany necklace for $200…


So just after noon, which was more than 5 hours later we were ready to go home. Hard to believe that we only got through 3 communities.  Traffic was starting to be hectic and we had enough bargains we were happy with.


We even found a brand new greens juicer, still in the box.  This top of the line greens juicer retails for $300 and we wheeled and dickered until the $100 price was down to $75.  Oh my gosh, that was fun getting that price down.


I use the same mentality in negotiating for my clients home.  I love to negotiate.  Just like the prices for homes, there is almost always room for a discount.


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