Exclusive Buyer Agent Story

Exclusive Buyer AgentAt one time being an Exclusive Buyer Agent was considered taboo…


Years ago, an  Exclusive Buyer Agent was unheard of.  Every real estate agent represented the seller, even if  they were working with the buyer. Every agents job was to tell the seller all of the buyers secrets, including how much money they were willing to pay.


To me that did not make sense. I had established a relationship with the home buyer. But now, I was legally obligated to throw them under the bus and work for the seller. No, that was just not right.


Exclusive Buyer Agent ?? You must be kidding…but no, I was not.


I decided to become an Exclusive Buyer Agent. It was not a hard decision but it was an unpopular choice. I got many comments from other agents about why in the world I would ever want to become an Exclusive Buyer Agent and be willing  to GIVE UP half the real estate business.   They all mentioned the potential commission lost by not listing property and representing sellers.


Does every thing have to be about money?  What about choosing an honest way of  practicing real estate with no conflict of interest?


For me representing only home buyers was an easy choice


By becoming an Exclusive Buyer Agent, I was not giving up 1/2 of the real estate business. By becoming an Exclusive Buyer Agent, I was gaining better business.  Home buyers that seek exclusive buyer representation are the more serious home buyers.


Buyers that understand what a double agent can do to their wallet, do seek the  unique service that only an Exclusive Buyer Agent can provide.


No games, no divided loyalty, no pretending to represent two parties with opposing interest…


An Exclusive Buyer Agent works in an office that represents ONLY  home buyers and never sellers. The purest form of buyer representation and the highest ethics are practiced by an exclusive buyer agent. I never have to wonder what I am allowed to say or who I really represent…and neither does the home buyer.


Exclusive Buyer Agent  in Orlando offers home buyers:


  • 100% Buyer Loyalty
  • 100% Buyer Confidentiality
  • 100% Buyer Full Disclosure


Acting as an Exclusive Buyer Agent is now so globally accepted that all media recommends using an Exclusive Buyer Agent for your home buying needs. Call Orlando Exclusive Buyer Agent at 407-539-1053 to discuss your best home buying options.


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