Why so few Exclusive Buyer Agents in Orlando?

Exclusive Buyer Agents in Orlando

Exclusive buyer agents in Orlando



What is it?



Whats the difference?



Why have most home buyers never heard of it?



Why are there not more Exclusive Buyer Agents in Orlando?



Here are the answers:


Exclusive Buyer Agents in Orlando work for real estate offices that do not list properties or represent sellers. Exclusive Buyer Agents in Orlando all belong to NAEBA.org the National Association Of Exclusive Buyer Agents who adhere to the highest standards of a code of ethics.  Conflict of interest is not allowed. That is in addition to the National Association of Realtors code of ethics, which is not as stringent.


Listing Agent/Sellers Agent


An agent that puts out a for sale sign, works for the seller to get the highest price.  When a home buyer comes along, that sellers agents  job is still to represent the seller, not the home buyer. An unrepresented home buyer will not get the best price with favorable terms.


Transaction Broker


Attempting to represent both the buyer and seller in a transaction (as a transaction broker) is a conflict of interest.  It is impossible to represent a seller who wants the most money and to also represent the buyer who wants to pay as little as possible. Easy to understand the huge conflict of interest, which is why you will never find an attorney represnting two parties with opposing interests. Attorneys work “exclusively” for their clients, just like Exclusive Buyer Agents in Orlando work “exclusively” for their buyer clients.


Exclusive buyer agents in Orlando choose not to be double agents, with a conflict of interest.  Instead. they only and always represent the home buyer, never the seller.


Whats the difference between a Buyers Agent in a regular office and an Exclusive Buyer Agent?


  • A regular buyer agent works in a  traditional office always caters to sellers.  Depending upon the property and situation, they may or may not represent you. Many times the buyer does not even realize it,  until it is too late.


  • A buyers agent in a regular office can act as a transaction brokers with no loyalty to anyone, or a sellers agents with loyalty to the seller, or occasionally may attempt to represent a home buyer. Ordinary buyer agents change hats many times a day attempting to represent both the buyer and seller, or sometimes no one.


  • Exclusive Buyer Agents in Orlando always represent the home buyer on all properties with full fiduciary duties of loyalty, confidentiality and full disclosuere.


Why most homebuyers have never heard of Exclusive Buyers Agents in Orlando?


Because Exclusive Buyer Agents in Orlando are a small highly specialized niche. Besides, a traditional agent will never tell you about the option of hiring an Exclusive Buyer Agents in Orlando.  A buyer who understands the fiduciary services that an Exclusive Buyer Agents in Orlando provides will always choose  an Exclusive buyer agent that will be 100% on their side.  Here is what the media says.


Why so few Exclusive Buyers Agents in Orlando?


There are less than 12 Exclusive Buyer Agents in Orlando because it is a niche that very few licensed agents qualify for.  Exclusive Buyer Agents in Orlando must  be highly competent while taking on the liability of representing home buyers.  They take advanced classes, hold extra certifications and are highly experienced brokers who are savvy about all the nuances of a real estate transaction.


Exclusive Buyers Agents have buyer clients that depend on their guidance to help them make a smart investment, so they are serious about knowing what to do.


In addition, an Exclusive Buyers Agent must have the desire and confidence to give up the seller side of the market and focus only on home buyers…an impossible order for an average agent, who thinks that representing sellers is the best way to have business.

exclusive buyer agents in Orlando


Exclusive Buyers Agents always put the buyers interest above their own. For no games, no double talk, no conflict of interest, call a true Buyers Agent 407-539-1053


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