Lazy Real Estate Agents

Lazy Real Estate Agentslazy real estate agents


Many real estate agents are very hard-working, but I do think that too many are plain lazy real estate agents.


As I read some Real Estate Forums, there are some things that lazy real estate agents say and do that make me cringe.


For example:


Lazy Real Estate Agents and “as is” property


Many lazy real estate agents think that when buying a house “as is” the buyer is locked into buying the property just the way it is…with the existing problems. Absolutely not true.


Most contracts are subject to the buyers inspections. If the inspections reveal deficiencies that the buyer cannot accept, the contract can be renegotiated. The price can be adjusted and/or the seller may agree to fix some things. Or the buyer may have the option to walk away.


The buyers agent needs to take the initiative to ask for a compromise, but many are too lazy to bother. So they tell the buyer that they that they bought the property “as is”, when in fact the contract could be renegotiated. Don’t work with lazy real estate agents.


Lazy Real Estate Agents look for shortcuts


Most agents tell buyers that they are on their side. They claim to be a buyers agent. But then the lazy real estate agent will choose NOT to attend home inspections. How does that work out? It does not.



In order to understand the deficiencies found, the Buyers Agent needs to be there. Reading an inspection report is simply not good enough, they need to be there to see the problem. A lazy real estate agent will not even review the inspection report. They will rely on the buyer to tell them what the problems are. That is not what a true buyer agent is supposed to do.


Not doing a walk thru prior to closing


This one really sets my soul on fire. It shows the depth of how bad lazy real estate agents can be. There are so many things that can go wrong between the time the buyer writes a contract and when they actually get the keys to the property. Lazy agents claim that it is not their job. Or that it is too much liability and even that it is the buyers responsibility.


I say that anytime that you are representing a buyer, it is your job to protect the buyers best interest. It is called Fiduciary Duty. I also say that if the buyer cannot be there, that the buyers agent STILL needs to do the walk thru. The house could have flooded, a tree could have fallen on the house, the AC might not be cooling. The seller may have also walked out with the top of the line refrigerator that was to stay.


Yes, it IS the responsibility of the buyers agent to make sure that the buyer is signing off on a property that is in the same condition as when they bought it.


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