Orlando Foreign National Financing

Orlando Foreign National Financing for non-US citizens.


Orlando Foreign National Financing is a specialty niche  loan product for foreign investors.   Orlando Foreign National Financing is a bit more complicated than most loans since it is manually underwritten, so it takes extra time for the Foreign National Home buyer and lender to finish the process.

Orlando Foreign National FInancing


Try to use a Florida Mortgage Broker


Getting an Orlando Foreign National Financing outside of Florida can be more difficult.   It is always easier for either the Foreign National loan broker to be in the U.S. to be able to facilitate the loan based on common terminology and assistance from your Orlando Buyers Agent.



Learn about pre-qualifying requirements for Orlando Foreign National loan before looking for a vacation home.


Options Available for Orlando Foreign National Financing


Depending upon the lender, type of property and the loan amount, the down payment to put down will be 25-40%.  Orlando Foreign National Financing interest rates and types of loans will vary.  In certain circumstances, Canadian citizens may be able to make a smaller down payment.


Orlando Foreign National Financing becomes even more specialized if building new construction, buying in a short term rental area, condo or condo-hotel. You will need to ask us who is doing these specialty property types.  Loan programs will also vary with the type of property, the purchase price and what country you reside in. 



Where to find Orlando Foreign National Financing Lenders


The great news is that there are options for Foreign National  home buyers who want to secure Orlando Foreign National financing.   The Buyers Brokers at  Buyers Broker of Florida can make recommendations for Orlando Foreign National Financing, so that you can be ready for a home buying investment  in Orlando.



Buyers Broker of Florida can assist you with purchasing a holiday home, and also help you with vendor recommendation to stay tax compliant, insurance, money exchange, property management or furniture purchases.



Buyers Broker of Florida caters to home buyers from all over the world   


If you are Foreign National home buyer looking to invest in Orlando Real Estate and are not sure where to start the process, start with a chat with an experienced Orlando’s Buyers Agent.  


Our Buyers Agents are Certified International Property Specialists (CIPS) and understand international real estate transactions and can make your Orlando purchase an easy stress free event.


For more information email us or phone us at +1-407-539-1053.



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