Orlando Luxury Home Property Management

Not all Orlando Luxury Home Property Management is the same…

Some Orlando Luxury Home Property Management specialize in short term rentals and a select few managers specialize in concierge white glove property management.  That is a skill that comes with experience and an eye for what needs to be done.



Orlando Luxury Home Property Management is not run of the mill…


Orlando Luxury Homes are typically much larger with more upgrades, features and technology not found in a typical home.  Caring for these Orlando Luxury Homes takes a seasoned professional to manage the care of this luxury property with the highest standards.


These Orlando Luxury Homes are not homes that are rented out, they are second homes and vacation homes for those owners  that aspire to the finer things in life. These luxury mansions are owned by out of town clients, who expect more from their property manager.  Mike Alexander understands the needs of Orlando Luxury Home Property Management and knows how to stay ahead of any problems.



Mike handles Orlando Luxury Home property management like these homes were his own…


He checks on the property weekly with a detailed walk-thru, turning on all the faucets checking for leaks, and examining the air conditioner out put, and lighting  just to name a few.  This property manager also makes sure that the golf cart and car battery are fully charged.



Orlando Luxury Home Property Management duties are many…


Being a house manager means that you manage the landscape, house keepers, pool maintenance and everything else it takes to run the household.  Orlando Luxury Home Property Management  hires, fires and is present for all repairs and renovations so the standards of service are top notch.



Experienced Orlando Luxury Home Property management knows exactly how everything is supposed to operate and makes sure that the property is always in pristine condition.  A seasoned Orlando Luxury Home property manager  hires only experts and always negotiates to save the client money.



Orlando Luxury Home Property management fees vary with the type and size of property and what the client desires. You decide what you need and pay for the services performed…Orlando Luxury Home Management is not one size fits all…it is always customized.  Call Mike for a confidential consultation at 407-539-1053





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