Real Estate Politicians

real estate politiciansReal Estate Politicians in real estate?


Real Estate Politicians are everywhere and they are no different than the politicians on TV.


In the past year I have gotten interested in politics and become aware of what a politician is.


They smile big, dress nice, and sell themselves by telling others just what they want to hear. They are masters at spinning the facts and making real problems seem unimportant.


Real Estate Politicians say whatever they need to in order to stay on good terms and push their own agenda.


What is a real estate politician?


Same thing as any politician. A master manipulator.


These politicians get property listings by convincing the seller that they can get the highest price and most favorable terms. After all, Real Estate Politicians all call themselves “top producers”. They claim to be the best in the business and soooo busy that they have assistants doing most of the work.


A true politician is shielded from doing any of the grunt work. They typically don’t attend inspections and won’t do a walkthrough before closing…claiming that is not their job.


However, real estate politicians all show up at the escrow closing to smile big, hand out their business cards as they pump every hand in the room. They are there to make sure they are noticed, solicit future business and collect their commission check.



What do these politicians do and say?


They say whatever they need to in order to get your business. They tell sellers they will represent them and get them the highest price for their home. Then they advertise the property for buyers and tell that buyer that they will “represent” them too. They say they will be “fair and honest” to both parties. Really, how is that possible? Both parties have legal opposing interests; the seller wants the highest price, the buyer wants the lowest price…how does any politician help both? They don’t.


These real estate politicians only help themselves by keeping double the commission instead of sharing it.


Orlando Buyers Broker is not about politics


Orlando Buyers Broker is a buyer agency office, limited to dedicated Exclusive Buyer Brokers that represent only the best interest of the buyer, never the seller. No games, no double talk, no fake smiles. Orlando Buyers Brokers are never politicians. It is always about full disclosure, confidentiality, and 100% buyer loyalty. It is only about negotiating the lowest price and most favorable terms for the buyer.


There are more than 300 licensed real estate agents in Florida…less than 30 exclusively represent only the homebuyer. Exclusive buyer representation is hard work limited to those few that understand that they only have one client…the home buyer. No conflict of interest, no double commissions, no politicking. Call us 407-539-1053.



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