Orlando Weather and Pet info

Orlando Weather


Orlando Weather and Climate



Orlando Weather Facts:



  • The average warmest Month is July
  • The average coolest month is January
  • June is the wettest month.
  • November is the driest month.



Orlando Weather Temperature:



  • Average annual Orlando Weather Temperature  is 72.4 °
  • Average Maximum Orlando Weather Temperature  is 82.6 °
  • Average Minimum Orlando Weather Temperature  is 62 °



Details of Orlando Weather



  • Orlando has about 89 sunny days  a year and 147 partly sunny with a total 236 day of wonderful sunshine.


  • Temperatures in Orlando normally stay below 100 °F and below 90 from November to March.



  • Orlando Weather is at least 70 ° degrees, 326 days a year.


Nights in Orlando…



Orlando’s nights remain above 70 °F throughout July and August,but drop below 70 throughout November to March.


Nights can get as low as 40 about 12 days a year, anytime from December to March. Typically a couple of times each winter the city has freezing temperatures.


For an up to the minute 60 second Orlando Weather forecast.



Orlando Weather and Pets


FLEAS:  Humidity is probably the single most important factor for fleas survival.  The fact that the Orlando Weather does have high humidity and almost no freeze, fleas are  thriving.  It is imperative that every pet owner treat their pets for fleas.  Fleas are a problem in Florida all year round and sometimes they are resistant to flea treatment.  It is best to also treat the yard and around the house AND the pets.


HOT CARS:  Are deadly for both people and pets.  As temperatures  set records across the state, the highway patrol are reminding parents and caregivers to pay attention to their tiniest passengers. It is never appropriate to leave young children or pets unattended in a car.  During hot months I am shocked at how quickly the temperature in a car can rise.  Please don’t leave children or pets alone in a car…


Orlando Weather


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