Quiet Carry Mini Q protection for Humans

Quite Cary mini QDo you think you need concealed protection?


Personally, I think everyone needs something to make them feel safer, but as a female I am not ready to pack a gun. I do however love the Quiet Carry Mini Q.


I have never been in a life or death situation, but admit there were a few times that I felt very uncomfortable.


Once was with a client and the other time, a road rage maniac.  I am getting a Quiet Carry Mini Q.




Before I tell you how great it is, let me disclose that this is personal.  The inventor is my son…the son that gave me grey hair in his youth…but he has grown up and invented something really handy.  I think you will agree that the Quiet Carry mini Q is really quite cool!


 A Titanium Quiet Carry Mini Q – Is a key organizer and knife for carrying discretely every day…or trade out the knife for a screwdriver. Regardless of what you want to use it for, you will be glad you have it.


The key organizer has just been  revolutionized. Consolidate your keys and locking knife into good looking easy to carry organizer. No key jingle or looking for a tool.  You can also substitute the knife for a screwdriver.


So let me tell you about the “Quiet Carry” Mini Q.


Titanium Mini Q – A Key Organizer & Knife for Everyday Carry by Bryce Alexander — Kickstarter




Titanium Mini Q – A Key Organizer & Knife for Everyday Carry by Bryce Alexander — Kickstarter

Mini Q Knife & Key Organizer | Everyday Carry

The Mini Q’s body is built from your choice of aircraft grade aluminum, brass, or Grade 5 titanium and comfortably holds up to 4 keys — or 8, with extension ports — that pop out with a flick of the thumb…


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