Real Estate Confidentiality in Florida

Real Estate Confidentiality is hard to find…at least in Florida.

Real Estate Confidentiality in Florida


Real Estate confidentiality is pretty much non-existent as the state has determined that Florida “Transaction Broker” do not offer any fiduciary duties of confidentiality…or loyalty for that matter. Florida “Transaction Brokers” offer no real estate confidentiality.


Typical Florida Brokers do not offer Real Estate Confidentiality.


Since Real Estate Confidentially is not a requirement for Transaction Brokers, that means a transaction broker can disclose all your confidential information to anyone they wish. If you are working with a transaction broker, be aware that they do not need to protect your real estate confidentiality.


Sure…lets tell the seller how much the buyer can really spend.  Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?  If this bothers you, you need the real estate confidentiality services of an Exclusive Buyers Agent.


Buyers Broker of Florida does offer Real Estate Confidentiality.


We do offer home buyers real estate confidentiality.  Total discretion guaranteed. As Exclusive buyers agents we offer home buyers total loyalty, strict confidentiality and full disclosure.  Full fiduciary duties only for the home buyer, never for the seller.



Real Estate Confidentiality is important to your wallet.


I believe that a Seller does not need to know the buyers personal or confidential information.  The more the seller knows about your lifestyle, your career or your assets, more it can work against you. Giving my clients real estate confidentiality  is just another benefit of using an Exclusive Buyers Agent. As an Exclusive Buyers Agent  I always owe the buyer total real estate confidentiality (and yes, 100% loyalty too…).


Real Estate Confidentiality Story:


I had a buyer making an offer and competing with another buyer for the property.  I received a 6 page underwriting lender mortgage approval which was important to send with our offer in order to make my buyers financing strong.  I glanced at the mortgage approval and instantly thought about my real estate confidentiality that I owed the buyer.


There were 5 pages of assets which I felt did not need to be disclosed.  As a result I just sent page one which showed the buyers name and approval without the confidential assets that no one else needs to know about. A different agent would have sent it all without a second thought.



Exclusive Buyers Agents owe Home Buyers 100% Real Estate Confidentiality.  To have your privacy protected and your best interest promoted, call us. 407-539-1053.  We want to be your personal Buyers Agent.


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