The dirt on a Termite Bond

termite bondsFinding Termites in Florida is common.


Most homes in Florida will have termites sooner or later, so it is not necessarily a reason not to buy the house. It is however a time to understand your Termite Bond options when termites, or termite damage is discovered. 


What is a Termite Bond?


A Termite Bond is a warranty agreement between the home owner and the termite company.  A Termite Bond is Termite insurance.   If a Termite problem is found during a Termite Bond agreement, the company will treat the problem at no extra charge. But will they really?

Does a Termite Bond solve the problem?


In my 25 years in the real estate business of representing only home buyers and witnessing dozens of home inspections with serious termite issues,  I have yet to experience a  termite bond that a termite company stands behind.  They claim that it is water damage, old damage, or not termites at all.   I have never had a termite company say “Yes, we will fix the problem”. I am beginning to think that the termite bond inspectors get paid a bonus NOT TO FIND TERMITES. Seriously.


True Crazy Story on a Termite Bond:


Our buyer client had a home under contract that had a Termite Bond that was transferable to the buyer (at the buyers cost of about $350).  I requested a copy of the termite bond and was given an agreement dated 2007 with a name on it that I did not recognize…it was not the current owners name. So I called the BIG NAME Termite company and asked about the termite bond.


Yes, I asked a lot of questions.  Sorry.  OK, I am not sorry. Doing investigative work so that my buyer does not get stiffed is part of my job as a good Buyers Agent.


Next thing I know, I get a nasty call from the listing agent blasting me for asking too many “personal” questions from the termite company about the termite bond.  Really? I get some document that is 7 years old with someone else’s name on it and I am not allowed to ask if the property is really covered by the current owner?


If asking about the expiration date on a termite bond is getting too personal, than I am guilty.  I have the right to ask and my buyer client certainly has the right to know.


None the less,  the Home Inspections on this particular house revealed there was a termite problem. The BIG NAME Termite company came out and claimed that it was water damage, not termites. No surprise on that…no surprise at all.


Is getting a termite bond worth it? Hmmm…maybe or maybe not.   Knowing the dirt on how termite companies operate with a termite bond, I cannot picture myself ever wanting to buy a termite bond.


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