Zillow question from Buyer…my response

cannibals roasting humanI occasionally read the questions that buyers post on Zillow. This one caught my eye because this buyer knows that he is in trouble. But I want to respond in this blog so that others do not make the same mistake…



I’m a Buyer…and the appraisal came in low

I made the “MISTAKE” of going with the sellers “listing” agent and not getting my own agent.  So this gal is trying to make both of us happy.
I am already paying his title insurance.
Now the appraisal came in low.
What happens? Does the seller come down?
Or do I just have to buy it at the sale price?
Many thanks for your help.
                                                                                                                                                           (posted 1 hour 50 minutes ago – Venice Florida)

My Buyer Agent Response:

Dear Home Buyer,


Yes, your biggest mistake was not getting your own agent.  While you say that the agent is trying to make both of you happy, that is not what you need.  You need a buyers agent  to advocate your position to the sellers.   You are for sure on your own, so you will need to negotiate this by yourself.


I recommend that you insist the seller reduce the price of the property to the appraised value.  Hold their feet to the fire, and see where their bottom line is.  Remind the listing agent that a short appraisal is a material fact that needs to be disclosed to the next potential buyer (which will scare off the next buyer) and more than likely the next deal will also have an appraisal shortage.


No, you do not have to buy it at the sales price…unless your contract waived your appraisal contingency or your financing contingency.  In that case, if you bail, you may loose your escrow deposit.   Since you do not have an agent that you can call your own, it is time  to read your contract and see what you really agreed to.


To answer your question:  the seller can reduce the price to appraised value, or you both can meet in the middle, or the seller can refuse to do anything.  Depending upon what contingencies you have in your contract and how much extra cash you have to pay for the appraisal shortage out  of your pocket, that should determine on how you need to proceed.


To all those future home buyers reading this Zillow question from Buyer….next time hire an Exclusive Buyers Agent that gives home buyers 100% loyalty.  No games, no double talk, just an smart buyers agent that works solely for you. 407-539-1053


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