One of the Best Neighborhoods in Downtown Orlando – College Park

One of the Best Neighborhoods in Downtown Orlando - College Park
College Park has been noted as one of downtown Orlando's favorite city neighborhoods. This distinct neighborhood gets its name from the many streets within its boundaries that were named for institutions of higher learning such as Princeton, Harvard, and Yale. It's close to downtown which makes it a popular residential area for both singles, college students, families, and seniors. Most residents of working age are homeowners and 65% of households include no children.   With its l...

Date Published: June 28, 2017 | Author: Erika
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Orlando houses selling fast

Orlando Houses selling fast Orlando houses are selling faster now than the previous 10 years. Orlando houses are on the market only an average of 56 days. The shortest time since 2006 just before the Real Estate bubble was about to burst. Homes were selling like hotcakes. The Orlando Real Estate Market is again, hot-hot-hot.   Supply of Orlando Houses is low   There are 21% fewer homes available in the under $300,000 market that last year. Homes under $300,000 are fly...

Date Published: May 1, 2017 | Author: Erika
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Who controls home buyers?

Who controls home buyers? Who controls home buyers? No one. If the home buyer is working with the listing agent, they are at the mercy of what that listing agent wants.   Working with someone that represents the seller is not smart. But for the sake of this blog I will assume that the home buyer is smart. Smart home buyers have their own Buyers Agent. To hire a 100% Buyer-Loyal Broker, call the Orlando Buyers Brokers. 407-539-1053.   Who controls home buyers is simple: ...

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Closing Extensions in FAR/BAR Contract

Hurricane Matthew Impact Real Estate     With Hurricane Matthew threatening Florida, it can also threaten scheduled real estate closings. A person may think the obvious power outages at the closing offices, unable to fly in for closing, or unexpected delays with sellers ability to move during the storm. But it actually is much more that.   Buyers have to be aware how hurricanes can impact closing Property Insurance Florida Insurance Companies will not issue new Home...

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Find a home without an HOA

How are HOA's perceived in Orlando?   HOA's are popular in Orlando. There are alot of communities with an HOA presence. All the brand new construction communities have an HOA. In fact, sometimes its difficult to find a home without an HOA.   We have buyers that prefer not to have an HOA or only an HOA with low monthly fees. You will need to know where to look. Ask us 407-539-1053   Find a home without an HOA?   It can be difficult to find a home without ...

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Orlandos Most Expensive Listing

[caption id="attachment_14548" align="alignright" width="150"] orlandos most expensive listing pictured below[/caption] Where is Orlandos Most Expensive Listing?   Orlandos most expensive listing in 2016 is priced for $30,000,000, offered by Stockworth Realty Group. Buyers Broker of Florida only represents home buyers, so call us if this mini palace fits your home buying needs or you would like us to send you a custom list of properties. 407-539-1053.   This home is conven...

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New developments Southeast Orlando

Next "Mini Lake Nona" in Southeast Orlando   Lake Nona's housing is growing tremendously forcing expansion into new developments southeast Orlando. Although Lake Nona has new retail, healthcare, sports venues, restaurants, office, more space is needed. Known as Orlando's Medical City, Lake Nona has a healthy living environment that is becoming crowded. Areas around Lake Nona are growing at lightening speed, putting big demand on new developments Southeast Orlando.   New d...

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Tips on home inspections

Who needs a home inspection?   Read the tips on home inspections. Who needs it? Every home buyer, regardless of what they are buying, needs a home inspection. There are different inspections for condo's vs. single family homes vs. new construction.   It is important that a buyer get a comprehensive inspections for single family home and a lot inspection if they are buying vacant land with no structure on it. Tips on Home Inspections How do I find a good home inspec...

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Casselberry Fl Ranked Hottest Zip Code

Casselberry Zip Code 32707   Casselberry Florida ranked top 50 hottest zip code according to Ranking is based amount of properties viewed, days on market as well, as other factors of growth and affordability. Casselberry zip code 32707 ranked #36 out of 50 nationwide zip codes.   Casselberry is 22% more affordable     Home buyers are taking notice of Casselberry. Casselberry properties are selling faster than the rest of Central Florida. &nbs...

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Buying; What Do you need to Spend?

Your Home Budget has to Match Your Wants   Orlandos Market for homes is complex.   I received a call yesterday from a very nice buyer wanting to relocate to Orlando. Sounds good, who does not want to live in Orlando.   Orlando is truly reinventing itself and its a great place to live!   The buyer politely gave me a very long list of "wants" for her home purchase. She told me that she is prequalified with no debt, has high salary, and excellent cred...

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