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Flood insurance in Orlando is common.  The #1 disaster in the United states is flooding and Florida is no exception.  Central Florida is in close proximity to waterways and yes, there are a lot of lakes.  Heavy rains from Hurricanes and tropical storms are common.


Getting Flood insurance when you buy a home is also a common “add-on” and something that many home buyers do buy.


Here are some common misconceptions about Orlando Flood Insurance.


  • Misconception #1:  Flood Insurance is expensive. Not so, Central Florida is located in the middle of the state and not along the coastal regions of the oceans.


  • Misconception #2: The home owners insurance policy will cover flooding.  Not exactly. While a regular homeowners insurance policy does cover  flooding, its only if it is due to a broken pipes or leaks.  It will not cover rising water due to overflowing water ways or rain.


  • Misconception #3:  If the home is in a low risk area it is safe from flooding.  Reality is that flooding can happen even if the property is in a low risk zone. 20% of flooding claims come from “low risk” areas.


 Which home requires flood insurance?


Flood insurance is required if the property is located in a designated flood zone, determined by FEMA.  Just because it is located in a flood zone does not mean that the property will flood, just like if the property is in a low risk zone, does not mean that it will not flood.


This is a very common question.  Some home buyers even ask to view homes that are not in a flood zone…that is pretty much impossible.  Flood zones do change so something that is not in a flood zone today may be re-zoned “flood zone” tomorrow.


There is no way to predict.  I have a two homes on a lake…one is in a flood zone and the other is not.


Obtaining Flood Insurance


A home insurance agent will be able to give you a preliminary cost quote, but to get a final quote you will need an elevation certificate which can be obtained from the surveyor.


If you are getting a federally regulated loan and in a flood zone, it is mandatory that you have flood insurance.  If however you are paying cash, then it is up to your own discretion, to purchase it or not.  Typically it costs a few hundred dollars annually.


The bottom line is this: Flood zones are prevalent in Florida, and just something that you may need extra insurance for….it should never be a deal breaker.


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