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What about NEW construction?

We can also help you sort out your best choices with new build homes. There are many new construction communities in the area with build time from 5 months or more depending upon the complexity of the home. Occasionally the builder may also have some speculative homes that are already built that are ready for occupancy.

What about Lake Front property?

Good Lakefront property appreciates much faster than a dry lot, therefore is typically priced at a premium because the supply is limited. Price is determined by the size of lake, type of boats allowed, access to other lakes, clarity of the water, the unobstructed view, linear feet of water frontage and whether the shoreline is sand…

Is it difficult to get Homeowners Insurance?

Home insurance is readily available, but the cost will be dependent upon what you are purchasing. For properties older than 30 years you will be required to provide an additional “4-point” inspection report which is an additional evaluation of the Roof, Electrical, Plumbing and Air Conditioning system. If one of these is considered a problem…

Do I need to be physically at the closing?

No, there is no requirement for you to attend. Many closings are a “mail-away” with documents sent either by e-mail or through the mail. You may also do a “Power of Attorney” and authorize another person to sign on your behalf. Money needed for closing can be wired into the closing agents escrow account.

Who pays for title insurance?

Title Insurance is a negotiable item between the buyer and seller and since whoever pays for the Title Insurance selects the title company, it is advisable that the buyer hire their own attorney to scrutinize the title work. It is never smart to use the sellers or listing agent’s title company and is best to…

What is Title Insurance?

Title Insurance is insurance protection against loss arising from problem connected to title to your property. Before you purchased your home, it may have gone through several ownership changes and the land on which it sits may have changed hands many more times. There may be a weak link in the ownership chain that could…

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