Should You Purchase a Home in a Zoom Town?

Should You Purchase a Home in a Zoom Town?

Before the major impact of what’s happening across the country, remote work was something for those who were very lucky and most that did it only did so one or two days a week. It was very rare to find a career in a work-from-home job. But post-pandemic shutdowns caused a large percentage of the labor force to work remotely as many companies had to make a shift to keep going while their office spaces were shut down.


For some workers, remote work has been a frustrating experience while for others the flexibility has been liberating especially due to the technology available today. More employers are realizing that remote work is a sustainable model for their future. In some companies the potential cost savings is large and there’s a good chance that many companies will continue to stick with a remote work set up or at least go with a partially remote work set up.


These remote working arrangements are giving homebuyers more flexibility with where they live and this has caused popularity in what is now known as zoom towns.


What is a Zoom Town?


Zoom towns are housing markets that are suddenly booming as remote work has become more mainstream in areas of the country. These towns are most often smaller and within close proximity to dream amenities such as beaches and mountain resorts or other attractions that most often draw vacationers. Spots, where a majority of the population was seasonal, are now turning into a majority of year-round residents.


Why a zoom town is a good place to purchase a home


If you are thinking of purchasing a home in or near a zoom town you are not alone. But should you make the jump to live in a dream destination? The advantages of living in a zoom town are clear as far as location goes you will be living in a spot you have always dreamed about. In many of these further out and predominantly rural areas you can also get more home for your money depending upon the location. If you do not want to live right on the beach or within just a few minutes of the major vacation and attraction spots in the area you may be able to find a really great price on a home in a zoom town.


Some reasons you may want to reconsider moving to a zoom town


While zoom towns are located in what seems to be paradise, there are a few things to consider before making the big move out into a less populated area. If you are used to living in a heavily populated urban area it will take a little bit of getting used to unless you do not love your current lifestyle among the many with every possible modern amenity available at your fingertips within minutes. You will be trading the big city life for the small-town life which means making more of an effort to get out of your home to meet people and having fewer activities and modern niceties right at your doorstep. This is something to think about as some people could get lonely living in a smaller more spread out area. It is a great lifestyle when you acclimate to it, but it could take a little time to do so.


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