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Can you really afford to buy that home ?

What kinds of home buyers buy that home?   In the more than 20 years that I have been representing only home buyers, I have had all kinds of home buyers.  Some rich, some poor, some paying cash and some scraping together the down payment. Not all home buyers that buy can really afford to buy that home.…

On vacation or buying an Orlando home?

Are you buying an Orlando home or just a “looker” on vacation?      Buyer Agents that work in the sunshine states all have this dilemma of sorting out who is serious about buying an Orlando home and who is just here on vacation, wanting to look at  homes.   Most of the time it is not hard to figure out who…

Can you ” Steal” Orlando Real Estate?

Occasionally Home Buyers will tell us they want to “steal” a property.   Oh how we hate to hear that!   No, not because the thought is awful but because buyers who believe that they can get a “steal” on Orlando Real Estate will be disappointed.   My first question is “what do you consider a “steal”?  …

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