Affordable New Construction in Orlando

Many times when you are looking for a new home, your budget dictates what and where you can buy. Affordable new construction homes can be hard to find on your own.  This article will focus on where you can find the best deals in Central Florida right now.   We are experienced buyers agent who know where you can find these hidden gems. Call us at 407-539-1053 and lets talk about affordable new construction.


Brand new homes gives the buyer piece of mind that there will be no immediate major break downs and truly move-in ready home. Orlando ranks the top 10 cities in the US to dominate new home construction.


New construction homes are growing in every area and demand for these home cannot be better. In June, new construction sales have increased 7% nationwide.   As demand goes up so does the price of new construction.  Buyers can no longer purchase a new construction single family home under $300,000 in metro Orlando. To find an affordable new construction home in this price range, buyers have to consider communities that are 30-50 miles from down town Orlando.


Affordable New Construction in Orlando

Where is the best bang for your buck?


St. Cloud:  St. Cloud is one of the fastest growing areas happening over night.  It still has small town feel with rural areas.  Located about 5 to 10 miles from Orlando’s Medical City. Not only are there loads of new communities offered, St. Cloud has excellent schools.  Pricing will start around $280,000+ for a 2,000 sq. ft. home brand new home.  St. Cloud is also home to Harmony.  Harmony has lots of amenities, schools are close, and its quiet.  It is about 50 miles from down town Orlando, but actually closer to Melbourne Beach.  There is 15-20 communities being built in St. Cloud overall with lots of choices in Single Family as well as Town homes. There are three new construction 55+ communities offered too.


South Davenport:  South Davenport, located in Polk County, has surprised me with their new construction growth.  There are about 10 communities all being built in the same area.  It’s like a grocery isle; you can go to each one as they are lined up right next to each other.  This area is located within 20 minutes from Disney along State Road 27.  South Davenport is located in the very center of the State surrounded by orange groves.  There are more and more restaurants being added.  Posner Park is growing and becoming the “go-to” shopping district.  Prices here are phenomenal.  A 2,000 sq. ft. home starts at $250,000.  This also make an ideal area if you are considering buying a home and want to be in close proximity to Disney.


Deltona:  Deltona is located in West Volusia county, this location is a 20 minute drive to North Orlando with city amenities.  Deltona is known for its affordability and homes with no HOA.  There are a few national builders building on vacant lots.  So you may have a brand new home next to an older home.  Most of the homes have septic tanks, so it is not unusual to have a septic tank with a brand new home.  You can get 2,000 sq. ft. home under $250,000.  Keep in mind these builders are building inventory homes, that means you do not get to select your colors or add additional options, other than what is offered in this already built home.  There are also local builders purchase lots and building a home.  With these new homes being built, it is filling up the vacant lots that have existed for quite sometime.   Deltona is close to Deland, Debary, Sanford, Sanford International Airport, and New Smyrna Beach.


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St. Cloud, Davenport, and Deltona.  


What to expect from these affordable new construction communities?

LGI Affordable builder

These communities focus on affordability.  Your dollar will stretch.  So you will find that these homes include basic options 36 inch kitchen cabinets, laminate counter tops, 8 foot ceilings, plastic showers and tubs, sprinklers in front yard only, three tabs roofing shingles;  all to keep the cost down.  While the home may be basic, every buyer can elect to upgrade certain items on their wish list for an additional expense.


These homes are built under 2,000 sq. ft. to about 3,000 square feet.  The communities are on the smaller side and amenities are minimal to keep HOA fees down. So if you are looking for tennis courts and onsite gym these communities may not be for you.  If having a new home over an older home is your top consideration, then these will work well.


All the builders will be energy-efficient homes regardless of builder, budget, or area to buy.

LGI Bathroom

Unsure about Buying a New Construction Home?


Building a new construction home can seem like a daunting process.  There is a lot of information that the buyer must learn.  Many decisions go into selecting the right community, lot, pricing, contract consideration, loan process, structural and design decisions.  Buyers are on their own to sort out all these decisions, even when things do not go as planned.  Yes, even in new construction there are things that get overlooked, installed incorrectly, or not what you expected.  You need someone on your side when purchasing an affordable new construction home.  We know what to look for.


The new home builders sale representative will not provide you a list of all builders that are available, explain terms of the contract, help you with all the possible home inspections you can do, review your charges, help you with the details of the loan process, assist you with missing options. Yes, recently, we caught the builder missed $3,200 in paid options.  It can pay to have an exclusive buyers agent on your side, to make sure you make good choices and get everything you paid for.


How to start a purchase for affordable new construction?


When you hire an Exclusive Buyers Agent, you will get a partner to help you with these decisions, assist you with issues that come up in the contract, keep you aware of time frames in the contract, point out items you need to know. We can help reduce your stress of the unknown.  Exclusive Buyers Agent’s get paid by the builders so there is no cost to buyers to hire us to help with your new home purchase and process.


Buyers Broker of Florida will offer you a no-obligation consultation about affordable new construction in the Orlando area.  This is a great place to start to explore options, timing, and steps for relocation, so you can own a home in beautiful sunny Orlando. Buyers Broker of Florida is locally owned, family-run, and has represented home buyers best interests for 30 years.  Contact Buyers Broker of Florida 407-539-1053.



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