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Florida School Choice Law

Florida School Choice Law impacts Home prices   Florida School Choice Law will bring many changes.   Currently Florida School zones are truly integrated into Orlando Real Estate and do impact real estate values.  Parents want to live in the best school districts.  Those top A rated school districts are premium priced neighborhoods. These communities are typically in high…

Did your last Buyer Agent cash their check and hide?

Some things in Real Estate are just not right….   I am talking about a buyer agent that closes a deal and disappears.  They are not to be found on this green earth. The only thing left is their marketing material.   The marketing material that brags about what a great buyer agent they are or what…

Can Buyers Agent REALLY represent both buyer and seller?

  Legally allowed in FLORIDA REAL ESTATE.  But is it really moral and ethical?…or even possible?  In my book, it should never be allowed….ever. This is a major conflict of interest. and the best reason why every home buyer needs their own Buyers Agent.    If representing two parties with opposing interests were really possible, there would be ONLY ONE ATTORNEY IN A COURTROOM…they could…

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